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Watch Berkowitz w/Maze Jackson, 1570 AM Radio on Lightfoot's muzzle, BLM, police stand-downs, et al, Cable & Web

This weekend’s Public Affairs TV show… 1. Did Mayor Lightfoot … try to muzzle Maze Jackson & …other media critics of the Mayor… Watch Maze Jackson, 1570 AM Radio morning drive in Chicago interviewed by host Jeff Berkowitz… this morning at 9:01 am, Cable Ch. 21 … and tmw morning at 8:31 am, Cable Ch.... Read more »

Chicago's High Powered gun slinger arrestees: When should they return to our streets on bail?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Having an AK-47 is against the law. So, that in and of itself… is a problem.  Obviously, the judge should look at how strong the prosecution’s case is …the other surrounding circumstances…  but [that] raises serious questions as to whether… that person should be out on bond… Berkowitz: Even with no priors?... Read more »