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Better than tomorrow's Thom Serafin Holiday Party: Berkowitz w/UChicago Law School's Geof Stone on Trumping the Supreme Court

Prof. Geoffrey Stone: I don’t care whether Trump is a Republican or a Democrat—or a liberal or a conservative—I do not trust my country with him. Watch Prof. Stone tonight at 8:30 pm and Midnight on Cable Ch. 21 You can watch, 24/7, UChicago Law School professor Stone, author of a dozen scholarly books, fifty... Read more »

Watch UChicago Law School's Geoff Stone discuss the U. S. Supreme Court, Trump, Hillary and the Presidential election, Cable/Web

You can watch, 24/7, UChicago Law School professor Geoffrey Stone, author of a dozen scholarly books, fifty scholarly articles and 300 columns illuminate  key issues relating to the U. S. Constitution, Trump, Hillary, public policy and politics. Watch Professor Stone (anytime you want) interviewed by “Public Affairs,” show host Jeff Berkowitz by clicking here:  Public... Read more »

Governor Quinn: Fighting for unions and against moms and the severely disabled? Watch Public Affairs, Cable and Web

Paul Kersey debates and discusses tonight with show host Jeff Berkowitz, on the City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” the issues raised by mom Pam Harris’ lawsuit against Gov. Quinn. The show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV]. Kersey is the Director of Labor Policy at the Illinois... Read more »

Better than Monday Night Football: Berkowitz w/ Stephanopoulos on the U. S. Supreme Court, Cable and Web

Prof. Stephanopoulos: …In terms of … writing ability, social networking… Justice Kagan is the most promising member of the liberal bloc on the Supreme Court… Public Affairs, featuring University of Chicago Law School Professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos [cousin of George], is airing this week throughout the City of Chicago, in 34 Chicago North and Northwest Metro... Read more »