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The top 6 reasons why Bruce Rauner won the IL Governor's race tonight

The top 6 reasons why Bruce Rauner won the IL Governor’s race tonight: 6. Rauner had a clear message from the get go– even in the IL Republican Primary: Get state spending (and in particular state employee pension benefits) and state taxes under control. Get onerous state regulations out of the way of the private... Read more »

Romney wins Round 1(on The Economy) of the debate, 10 to 7

Romney wins Round 1(The Economy) of the debate, 10 to 7 Obama got killed in the first segment, which was 25 minutes on the economy. Romney emphasized he wants to create jobs, via encouraging the private sector.¬† Obama kept saying you have a 5 trillion ¬†dollar tax cut for the rich. Romney kept saying no,... Read more »

Better than Charlie Rose w/the late Tim Russert of NBC: Berkowitz w/MBC's and WLS's Bruce DuMont

Jeff Berkowitz: You’re saying right now it’s pretty clear that Obama’s the guy who is likely to win the Presidential election? Bruce DuMont (Beyond the Beltway host): I think so. Berkowitz: For the reasons you’ve just said. DuMont: I think so. ******************************************************************************** This week’s Chicago and suburban editions of Public Affairs, featuring WLS 890 AM... Read more »