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The top 6 reasons why Bruce Rauner won the IL Governor's race tonight

The top 6 reasons why Bruce Rauner won the IL Governor’s race tonight: 6. Rauner had a clear message from the get go– even in the IL Republican Primary: Get state spending (and in particular state employee pension benefits) and state taxes under control. Get onerous state regulations out of the way of the private... Read more »

Romney wins Round 1(on The Economy) of the debate, 10 to 7

Romney wins Round 1(The Economy) of the debate, 10 to 7 Obama got killed in the first segment, which was 25 minutes on the economy. Romney emphasized he wants to create jobs, via encouraging the private sector.  Obama kept saying you have a 5 trillion  dollar tax cut for the rich. Romney kept saying no,... Read more »

Better than Charlie Rose w/the late Tim Russert of NBC: Berkowitz w/MBC's and WLS's Bruce DuMont

Jeff Berkowitz: You’re saying right now it’s pretty clear that Obama’s the guy who is likely to win the Presidential election? Bruce DuMont (Beyond the Beltway host): I think so. Berkowitz: For the reasons you’ve just said. DuMont: I think so. ******************************************************************************** This week’s Chicago and suburban editions of Public Affairs, featuring WLS 890 AM... Read more »