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Five reasons why Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is now the lamest of lame ducks.

“What was Cantor thinking,” they said as they voted yesterday for Cong. Cantor’s Republican primary opponent, Dave Brat.   5. Eric Cantor was a beatable candidate, even though he outspent his primary opponent, 25 to 1.  He had a lousy campaign staff who didn’t see the train coming. After 14 years in Congress, Cantor was taken... Read more »

Better than Fox’s Flannery w/Senator Durbin: Berkowitz w/NW Poly Sci Professor Harbridge, Cable/Web

Laurel Harbridge: … you are right that [Senator] Cruz and others … do have some power because they are needed, but what they have … is power to block; they don’t have power to move legislation forward… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” features Northwestern University political science professor—Laurel Harbridge.... Read more »

Getting to know Presidential contender Governor Tim Pawlenty

Is Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), 50, a serious candidate for President? At this point in the game, none are more so than former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Pawlenty.  Romney, Pawlenty baggage Romney has an advantage over Pawlenty on net worth (about $500 million), donor list and name recognition. But, Pawlenty has less baggage than... Read more »