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Special Election Eve airings of Public Affairs: Berkowitz w/ Rauner, Dillard, Brady, Levine and much more, Web and Cable

Jeff Berkowitz: Kirk Dillard says… Stu Levine was out there getting business [for you]. Dillard said if you are as smart as you tell the people of Illinois you are, you had to know about this, what do you say to Kirk Dillard? R Gov candidate Bruce Rauner: [watch the show here] ****************************** Tonight’s repeat special... Read more »

Berkowitz moderates an intelligent, lively debate between State Rep. Nekritz and her Republican challenger- Jonathan Greenberg: Cable/Web

Election special tonight: State Rep. Nekritz and Challenger Greenberg go toe to toe and chin to chin on State employee pension reform and the 2011 state income tax increase.    For more about the show and the Nekritz-Greenberg state rep. race, including a partial transcript of the “Public Affairs show w host Jeff Berkowitz,”  featuring... Read more »

Is Speaker Boehner taking the nation to the brink of default? Don't bet on it.

Is Speaker Boehner taking the nation to the brink of default? Don't bet on it.
You will probably see headlines this morning that suggest Speaker Boehner is risking financial disaster for the U. S. by taking the country to the brink of default. Is that true? Well, not quite. But, before we can see what the real problem is here, we have to venture into the land of debt, deficits, spending,... Read more »

Sen. Brady v. Gov. Quinn: A choice, not an echo, on taxes, reform and job creation.

Thirty-one days after the election, a few hours after the Illinois Board of Elections certified him the winner of the Illinois Republican gubernatorial primary by the margin of 193 votes and an hour after Senator Dillard gracefully chose not to ask for a recount, downstate Senator Bill Brady, 48, stood with his wife, Nancy, and... Read more »