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New IL political power triumvirate: Rauner, Tillman and Proft; Rauner and 4 Tops meet-up

Video links [Rauner, Tillman and Proft] added on Sunday, 12:20 pm Gov. Rauner is of course the Quarterback of this new triad, leading the charge with his vast wealth, estimated to be in excess of a billion dollars in net worth... ************** Gov. Rauner held a press conference yesterday for the first time in about... Read more »

Better than AMC's Pretty Woman w/Julia Roberts; Berkowitz w/Rep. Nekritz and Greenberg re pension reform on Cable/Web

Jonathan Greenberg(candidate for State Rep., R-Northbrook) : ….what I think is important here… the whole purpose of the pension shift…of the cost shift is to make about three billion dollars that’s currently the state’s problem somebody- anybody else’s- problem, so they [the state] can get it off of their backs so they can– not have to make difficult... Read more »