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Better than Flannery and Hill w/Cullerton-Dillard: Berkowitz w/2014 Republican candidate for Governor Dan Proft? on Cable/Web

Dan Proft:  [If I am a state GOP leader],  the first thing I do [before the Holidays set in] is make a public statement and put together a coalition of the willing- of the people who are interested in re-thinking how the Republican Party operates—and send a message to the Illinois electorate that we received... Read more »

State Rep. Candidate Susan Sweeney scheduled to tape Public Affairs today- media invited to attend

To: Members of the media and Comcast Certified Producers From: Jeff Berkowitz Re: the Wimbleton of Public Policy discussions, located in beautiful Skokie, IL (The Aspen of the Midwest).  Come and Watch the taping of “Public Affairs,” this afternoon with guest– State Rep. Candidate Susan Sweeney (R- Park Ridge)–interviewed by show host Jeff Berkowitz.  The... Read more »