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Watch ABC-7 Anchor Ron Magers on cable/Web: Obama—Did he fail to deliver? Mayor Emanuel: Did he fail to deliver?

Jeff Berkowitz: ...[A]re the schools any better? I don’t think so. Finances? A little better…I’d give [Mayor Emanuel] a C. The media are just sucking it up…  Are the media slobbering all over him? Ron Magers: I don’t think they are… Let me be clear why I said I would give him between an A... Read more »

The Jacksonville 5: The Top Five reasons why Gingrich bombed in last night's Presidential Debate

5.  Gingrich forgot Former Bush and Ford Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s famous admonition: “The enemy has a brain.”  Whether your opponent is Al-Qaeda, the Sunni insurgents in Iraq or Mitt Romney, it is pretty stupid not to anticipate changes in your opponent’s strategy, especially if your strategy has been winning. Everybody knew that Romney had... Read more »