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Is Governor Rauner agnostic on expanding Stop and Frisk in inner cities?

Mike Flannery [WFLD, Fox 32 News, political editor]: Apropos of gun violence, we’ve been told it could be stopped in a week if you started Stop and Frisk. Good idea or bad idea? State Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago): Consider your source [Ed. Note: Presumably, Senator Raoul is referring to Donald Trump, but that’s not quite... Read more »

Ten reasons- or one reason- why Trump lost the first 2016 Presidential Debate-- lack of preparation.

Note that the text in item 3, below, was significantly supplemented at 10:50 pm on Tuesday.  10. The debate is for ninety minutes not thirty.  Trump came out sharp, on the issue of the economy. Hillary was yahta, yahta, yahta.  She had a plan for millions of jobs. It sounded like Obama 2.0 or 3.0.... Read more »