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Watch Wirepoints' Ted Dabrowski predict on March 19 that it would have been better not to shut down the IL economy, Cable & Web

Ted Dabrowski: At what point is the human & economic toll of shutting down America greater than the human toll of the virus itself. If Governor Pritzker had done what Ted Dabrowski recommended on March 19 (when tonight’s show was taped), that is, concentrated on protecting the elderly, especially those in nursing homes, could as... Read more »

Trump looks for growth hawk to replace Moore as Fed Reserve nominee; Watch Berkowitz w Moore, Cable & Web

Prize for dumbest media report goes to WSJ’s Kiernan & Peterson, May 3, 2019, P.1: Trump believed concerns about “Moore’s comments [about women] had some justification.” In an incomplete report, Kiernan & Peterson did not tell their gentle readers: This from a Pres. who won the Presidency shortly after the release of tapes quoting Trump’s... Read more »

Secrets to 3.2 % GDP growth,Watch Berkowitz w Fed Reserve nominee Steve Moore, Cable & Web (City & Suburbs)

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North & Northwest suburban edition of Public Affairs features Steve Moore, Federal Reserve Nominee. Watch show host Jeff Berkowitz interview economist Steve Moore. This episode was taped on April 18, 2019 and features Moore, 2019 Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors Trump nominee and co-author w Art Laffer of “Trumponomics: Inside the... Read more »