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State’s Attorney Alvarez knew for “A while,” she would indict before the barbarians at the gate forced her hand. ABC-7 News’ Krashesky fails to probe w/follow-ups.

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez dodged the big question in her interview with ABC-7 News’ anchor Alan Krashesky, in the Newsviews’ segment which aired on Sunday (9:44 am to 9:56 am, December 13, 2015).  And, Krashesky, 55, omitted many obvious questions in his 12 minute interview, taped last Friday. State’s Attorney Alvarez took 13... Read more »

Is Mayor Rahm Emanuel fiddling while Chicago burns?

This is a public letter to Chicago’s 2nd term Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Dear Mr. Mayor, Do you only do campaigns and not government?  That is what your good friend and mine, Democratic Party campaign comsultant Pete Giangreco, brags he does. But, unlike Pete, you were elected Chicago Mayor in 2011 to accomplish, via government, certain... Read more »

Better than watching Kentucky beat Kansas-- NOW Watch Berkowitz with Locke Bowman on Web discuss: Is Mayor Daley’s nephew getting away with murder?

  REVISED AT 2:25 AM ON Tuesday morning: You can NOW WATCH THE SHOW with  MacArthur Justice Center Locke Bowman interviewed by show host Jeff Berkowitz   24/7  POSTED HERE.  Inquiring minds want to know:  What really happened in the early hours of the morning on April 25, 2004 and in the ensuring investigations by... Read more »

The Killing: The top five reasons why justice won’t be done this afternoon at 26th and Cal.

5. Cook County Ethics 101:  State’s Attorney Alvarez wants to investigate herself.  Lawyers for the family of David Koschman are asking Judge Toomin today (Cook County Criminal Courthouse, 26th and California, courtroom 101, 2:00 pm) to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the circumstances of 21 year old David Koschman’s death, days after being punched... Read more »