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Better than Cubs baseball: Berkowitz w/the Policy Institute's Ted Dabrowski on fixing Illinois' pension mess, Cable and Web

Ted Dabrowski, VP, Policy, Illinois Policy Institute: “If you look at every single problem Illinois has, Illinois public sector unions are at the forefront of [causing] the problem.” The City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features, tonight, Ted Dabrowski, VP, Policy, the Illinois Policy Institute.  Dabrowski debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz... Read more »

Better than a Mayor Emanuel- CTU President Karen Lewis boxing match: Berkowitz w/Martire on Cable/Web

What is the source of the Illinois state employee pension crisis? The fact that they are defined benefit pension systems, not the defined contribution type of pensions that are commonly used in the private sector?  The “fact,” that state government employee pensions and salaries are more generous than their private sector counterparts? The fact that... Read more »