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Watch Wirepoints' Ted Dabrowski predict on March 19 that it would have been better for IL not to shut down, Cable & Web

Ted Dabrowski: At what point is the human & economic toll of shutting down America greater than the human toll of the virus itself. If Governor Pritzker had done what Ted Dabrowski recommended on March 19 (when tonight’s show was taped), that is, concentrated on protecting the elderly, especially those in nursing homes, could as... Read more »

Chicago Fed President Evans counsels patience and teamwork as we finesse a likely 20% - 40% U.S. GDP drop

Charles Evans, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, held a chatty, telephonic presser with twenty or more business journalists this morning for an hour at 9 am (CST). The over-riding theme? The Treasury and the Fed are in lock-step on handling the Covid19 crisis (There was no mention of President Trump, presumptive 2020... Read more »