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Way better than Rachel Maddow with Shawn Hannity: Berkowitz w/ Sen. Duffy on Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you’re saying [Senate President Cullerton (D-Chicago)] is going to use it for the [Nov. 6] election. Is it for his [Senate Democratic Party] members when they are running on Nov. 6, they can say, “We supported pension reform legislation, we couldn’t get the House to do it.” Senator Dan Duffy: Yes, that’s... Read more »

More illumination than Fire Works: Berkowitz w/Senator Noland on web/cable re state pensions and taxpayer capacity/willingness to pay.

Why does a State Senator vote “Present” on IL pension reform legislation sponsored by his Party’s Senate President, John Cullerton? Remember, most knowledgeable political observers in IL view a “present” vote in the state legislature as essentially the same as a “no” vote. Is it because he says we need to have pension reform legislation... Read more »