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Better than Dem Lt. Gov. nominee Scott Lee Cohen's prostitute girl friend appearing with Scott in a Super Bowl halftime show: Berkowitz joins Caprio on Tom Roeser's Sunday night radio show; You won't want to miss this.

After all the Superbowl treats have been eaten and drinks have been drunk on Sunday and there  is a lull in the Superbowl action, don’t despair, you will still have one big treat in store for you on Sunday.  Jeff Berkowitz will join Paul Caprio, Executive Director of Family-Pac and a leading force in the Illinois conservative... Read more »

Do the Democrats really think Bill Brady would be easy to beat?

Salivating for Brady? Eric Zorn, and no doubt many others in the largely left of center mainstream media (“MSM”), appears to be salivating at the prospect that Senator Bill Brady will hang on to his 400 vote lead over Senator Dillard.  But, Zorn says the Democrats are the ones who would much rather have their... Read more »