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And then there were six: Sen.Trotter trots out of the 2nd CD race.

With State Sen. Donne Trotter backing out yesterday of the 2nd CD race to replace the “purportedly bi-polar,” ethically, marriage vows and legally challenged Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Third Airport), that leaves six major 2nd CD candidates in the Democratic  Primary (based on Money, Organization, Message, Political History and Base)– listed below in rough order... Read more »

Jackson's testimony this morning in Blagojevich trial not a game changer

December 8, 2009 Blago-Jackson meeting testimony helps Rod   Cong. Jackson testified this morning at the Blagojevich retrial that he met with Gov. Rod Blagojevich on December 8, 2009, the day before Rod was arrested, for 75 to 90 minutes in the Governor’s office at the Thompson Center in the Chicago Loop. Jackson said the... Read more »