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How do judges really decide cases? Berkowitz with Federal Judge Richard Posner on his most recent book and the Law, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: And, so, wandering into politics… would it be your view that the Republicans are now doing the sensible thing in not holding hearings on Judge Garland? Judge Posner: Yes, because you mentioned Souter, Stevens and Blackmun, so they are good examples of what is called a stealth liberal because… The Public Affairs show,... Read more »

The Rousso Santos-Sacramento-Jiminez huffing and dusting story: A tale of innocence, death and redemption on the North Shore?

Ten days ago- on Labor Day- five year old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento’s mother, Modesta Sacramento-Jiminez, was walking on the north side of the sidewalk near the CORBE building at 777 Central Avenue in Highland Park, with Jaclyn and her two younger brothers (3 and 6) when Jaclyn was hit by a 2003 Lexus driven by Carly... Read more »