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Seven things you should know about last night’s third and final IL Governor’s race debate

The prize for the dumbest answer of the night goes to Gov. Pat Quinn.  ABC-7 News’ Charles Thomas  asked Gov. Quinn why blacks should support him —in light of the very high unemployment, lack of business investment and awful performance of public schools in black areas… 7. Rauner won the third Governor’s debate (Sponsored by ABC-7... Read more »

Watch ABC-7 Anchor Ron Magers on cable/Web: Obama—Did he fail to deliver? Mayor Emanuel: Did he fail to deliver?

Jeff Berkowitz: ...[A]re the schools any better? I don’t think so. Finances? A little better…I’d give [Mayor Emanuel] a C. The media are just sucking it up…  Are the media slobbering all over him? Ron Magers: I don’t think they are… Let me be clear why I said I would give him between an A... Read more »