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Berkowitz 1 on 1 with CTU President Karen Lewis on charter school miracles and some bad CPS teachers

Jeff Berkowitz: What’s the biggest lie you think [the charter schools] tell? Karen Lewis: The biggest lie they tell is, “That we [charter schools] can do miraculous things for your child that CPS [traditional neighborhood schools] can’t do.” CTU President Karen Lewis asks Berkowitz: Who are you, by the way… ******* –CTU’s effort to snuff... Read more »

President Cullerton: The Cullerton-Rauner pension reform legislation is alive and well

Video and audio link to President Cullerton’s remarks and audience Q/A added at 9:45 am on Tuesday, see below. The nature of yesterday’s press conference with Senate President Cullerton [which followed City Club of Chicago President Jay Doherty’s intro, Cullerton’s remarks on IL K-12 state, public school funding and audience Q/A] was such that most... Read more »

What makes charter schools tick? Berkowitz w/Andrew Broy in a post game City Club of Chicago interview

Andrew Broy: … Good charter schools require a great leader, plus autonomy and flexibility … we are not bound by the union contract— no collective bargaining…we can differentiate compensation…we can have double periods of English and math… you can’t do those things in a CPS traditional school construct. That’s the problem. Jeff Berkowitz interviewed Andrew... Read more »

Better than Fox’s Mike Flannery w/BGA’s Andy Shaw: Berkowitz w/ IL Network of Charter Schools’ President Andrew Broy, Cable and Web

Andrew Broy: … we have fifteen new charter schools (about 7500 new charter school students) opening this fall. And many of those parents who had kids displaced due to the 50 CPS traditional schools closed in June, 2013, are going to choose charter schools for their kids to attend [starting at the end of this... Read more »

Better than this Wednesday's Hawks-Bruins Playoff: Berkowitz w/ Chicago Ald. Fioretti on grading Mayor Emanuel: Tonight on Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: If the CPS Board and Mayor Emanuel really wanted to effect change, they would give the 30,000 kids leaving the closed schools real choice… ************** Jeff Berkowitz: … running for Mayor, right? Ald. Bob Fioretti: Well— Jeff Berkowitz: That’s still on the table? ***************************************** Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features... Read more »

More important than Preckwinkle's endorsement in 2nd CD Democratic Primary: Berkowitz w/Dem 2nd CD Candidate Rev. Anthony Williams and Republican 2nd CD candidate McAllister, cable and web

Revised and supplemented on Tuesday, 7:15 pm.  A big deal that Preckwinkle endorsed 2nd CD candidate State Senator Toi Hutchinson yesterday? Of course not, nobody cares much about what  Preckwinkle thinks about the 2nd CD. Why should they? As if Preckwinkle would know anything about the 2nd Congressional District or the issues important to that... Read more »

Better than Charlie Rose w/ William F. Buckley, Jr.: Berkowitz w/Free market activist Jack Roeser (Watch now on the web)

Jack Roeser: And, this idiot Obama is trying to give us a single payer system for our medical care. Well, that is the biggest blunder in sight—in my whole lifetime—what that idiot is trying to do there.  But, he has got the great example of a single payer system for K-12 [public] education, where the... Read more »

Better than Berkowitz w/Obama and Romney: Berkowitz w/Robin Steans on Public School performance- Web/Cable

“I asked her (Janis Joplin) for some happy news but she just smiled and turned away.”  American Pie Jeff Berkowitz, host of “Public Affairs,” asked Robin Steans, Executive Director of Advance Illinois, for some news but she just smiled pretty and gave it to him straight. Across the State of Illinois, only about one third of... Read more »

Better than the Presidential Debates: Berkowitz w/ Robin Steans on Cable and the web

The “Public Affairs,” show featuring Robin Steans, Executive Director of Advance Illinois, debating and discussing with show host Jeff Berkowitz the progress, if any, that has been made in improving the public schools in Chicago and the remainder of the state of Illinois over the last seventeen years, whether the recently agreed upon contract between CPS... Read more »

Better than Rachel Maddow w/Rick Perry: Berkowitz w/Robin Steans on Web and Cable

Robin Steans [Advance Illinois]: …Any charter school starts with a group of students and they look at them and say, our job is to get the kids from where they are today to where we want them to be…and there is nothing to stop us, except our own imagination…there is a burden and there is... Read more »