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Watch Berkowitz w State Rep. Skillicorn on the 2018 IL Gov Democratic and Republican Party Primaries, Cable & Web

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn: So, Rauner didn’t even try to change minds on the [2017 $5 billion income] tax increase…even if she failed, Jeanne Ives would have tried really hard to stop that and used the Governor’s bully pulpit… to argue for reforms. Jeff Berkowitz: JB Pritzker is running on “Morning in Illinois.” [Similar to... Read more »

You say you want a Gov. Rauner Revolution, well, you know... Berkowitz w/Rep. Allen Skillicorn, Cable/Web

State Rep. Skillicorn: With this new staff, Gov. Rauner actually has people who are ideologically on board with him. Think of President Trump, he talks of draining the swamp- Tonight’s Public Affairs show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV]. You can also watch the... Read more »

Gain insights into Gov. Rauner's new regime's approach: Watch Berkowitz w/Rauner insider Dan Proft, Cable/Web

Dan Proft: …Contemplating a lockout of state employees… a Chicago Teachers’ strike…PATCOing some state employees  Tonight’s Chicago Metro suburban edition of Public Affairs features Dan Proft, WIND 560 AM Radio’s “Chicago Morning Answer,” co-anchor w/Amy Jacobson (5 to 9 am).  The show w/Proft airs tonight in 24 N and NW suburbs at 8:30 pm on... Read more »

Back to the Future:Berkowitz w/Proft on Gov. Rauner's regime change, Cable/Web

Revised slightly and video and other links added at 5:25 am on Tuesday Dan Proft: …The conversation we should be having is about re-thinking how and where we  spend 85% of Illinois’ state government cash… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Dan Proft, WIND 560 AM Radio’s “Chicago Morning Answer,” co-anchor w/Amy Jacobson... Read more »

Who engineered the deepening of Illinois' nuclear winter w/the passing of a $5 billion tax increase?

Revised slightly on Wednesday at 9:15 am As Dan Proft used to argue, we don’t need to fix Illinois. In Illinois, “The fix is in,” and “We need to stop the politicians from inflicting that fix on the taxpayers.” Now, the Republican base is looking at Rauner, Durkin, Brady, Rep. Judas Andersson (The R House... Read more »

Is IL closer to getting a state budget & reforms than a year ago? Berkowitz w/ trial lawyer Matt Belcher, Cable/web

  What happens, hypothetically speaking, when Speaker Madigan asks a typical plaintiff’s trial lawyer specializing in Worker’s comp. insurance cases to reach a compromise on the causation standard used  to resolve Worker’s compensation lawsuits?  Does Illinois have a bad business litigation climate relative to surrounding states and if so why? Could more charter and voucher... Read more »

Moving from Radogno's Grand Bargain to Rauner's small bargain: will the Republican base cheerlead for Governor Rauner again?

Text supplemented and revised– and video (re Sen. Biss, AFSCME and Bayer) and other links added at 4:10 pm on Saturday. Ironically, it might be the more than three decade IL House Speaker Mike Madigan who will make the limited government, liberty, free market oriented Illinois Policy Institute, leader of the Republican Party base, happy-... Read more »

Watch the uplifting story of principal Tonya Howell and the UChicago NKO campus Charter School: Berkowitz w/Howell, Cable/Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Tonya Howell, Principal (aka Director) at the North Kenwood Oakland (NKO) campus of the UChicago Charter School.   The program, focusing on the characteristics that enables UChicago Charter School and  other CPS charter schools, to outperform , on average, other open enrollment CPS schools, airs at... Read more »

Does Gov. Rauner want to govern Illinois? Or, has he become Governor Mush?

Mike Flannery[Fox 32 News]: The Illinois Policy Institute’s John Tillman has told us that billions could be cut appropriately from the state budget, why haven’t you done that? Gov. Rauner: We have cut many hundreds of millions and the reasons for not the rest, I have said. ******************************************** Really, wherever you go, from a Winnetka... Read more »

Gov. Rauner could double the literacy rate in CPS (That's reform): Watch UChicago Charter School Principal Howell, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: Kids who are not reading at grade level, you’ve got a plan, you’ve got resources, you’ve got teachers– you will get them up to grade level? UChicago Charter School Principal Tonya Howell: Absolutely, 100% Berkowitz: You’re sure, you’re sure? You will take a blood oath? Howell:   Yes. ************************** Tonight’s City of Chicago... Read more »