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Republicans Harris and McSweeney help Democrats Emanuel and Madigan override Gov. Rauner’s veto.

Text revised on Tuesday at 1:00 pm. When you are at war, every battle counts. For him to succeed as Governor, Rauner must get Speaker Madigan to agree to at least a few of his reforms, and he must get a responsible budget passed that will put an end to the deficit the State ran... Read more »

Better than Quinn v. Rauner debate, the Rep. Fine and challenger Myalls debate-- a choice, not an echo, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago episode of Public Affairs features State Rep. Laura Fine (D-Glenview) and her challenger, Republican State Rep. Candidate Kathy Myalls (R-Wilmette).  The show airs tonight throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV].  The show featuring Rep. Fine and challenger Myalls also airs tonight at 8:30 pm in ten... Read more »

Could State Rep. Jeanne Ives be the first IL female Governor? Watch Rep. Ives w/Berkowitz on Cable/Web and you decide

Tonight’s Chicago Metro Suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton).   The show airs throughout 24 Chicago Metro suburbs tonight at 8:30 pm, as indicated below. Ives debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz whether the 2011 state income tax increase should be allowed to sunset next year, as provided for... Read more »

CPS graduates 6 % of its kids from a 4 year college. The Cristo Rey network, with similar minority students from low income families to those of CPS, graduates 55% of its kids from a 4 year college. Watch Berkowitz w/ Cristo Rey's Kendall, Cable and Web

Tonight’s Rockford edition of “Public Affairs,” features Preston Kendall, President of the Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep High School, a Waukegan parochial school  populated in large part with kids from low income Hispanic families, who enter the school two grades behind and by their senior year they are ready to compete at the college level.    Six... Read more »

Better than a date with Cate Blanchett: Berkowitz w/ Rich Miller and Gov Candidate Dan Rutherford, Web and Cable

Rich Miller: …if Rauner comes way, way down, if those things work out and everybody else can’t go up because Rauner is going after them, then it is a four way crawl to the finish line- bloody, broken bodies crawling to the finish line. ********************************** Jeff Berkowitz: So, Rauner wins, now we are going to... Read more »

Better than one of Carol Marin's "factual pieces," on the IL Gov race on NBC-5; Berkowitz w/Berkowitz on the Governor's race,Cable and the Web

We are going to give you the winner of the Republican Primary Governor’s race more than 30 days before the election on March 18, 2014…and the winner of the November, 2014 Governor’s race, including a detailed assessment of why each candidate did as well or as poorly as he, in fact, will do. The  show featuring... Read more »

Better than the Illinois Policy Institute's Gifts of the Free Market: Berkowitz w/Gov. Candidate Brady, Cable and Web

Republican Gov candidate Sen. Bill Brady: … The polling data shows this, we lead in all credible polls– all the candidates—and I am the only candidate who beats [Dem. Incumbent Gov.] Pat Quinn. Tonight’s Chicago Metro suburban edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz, featuring Senator and Republican Primary Gov Candidate Bill Brady, airs at... Read more »

Better than Da Bears v. the Cowboys on Monday night football: Berkowitz w/ Gov.Candidate Brady, Web and Cable

Sen. Bill Brady: Well, Bruce [Rauner] has done very well at business, some say he is a billionaire…but there is a big difference between running a hedge fund and running government. I have the business background… but I also have the legislative experience and the government experience to hit the ground running… Tonight’s City of... Read more »

Better than Carol Marin w/ State Reps.David Harris and Mike Zalewski: Berkowitz w/pundit Chris Robling, Cable and Web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,”  with show host Jeff Berkowitz features Chris Robling, political pundit and PR consultant, assessing the performance of  the four Republican Primary gubernatorial candidates (Brady, Dillard, Rutherford and Rauner) and Mayor Emanuel.  Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz, featuring Chris Robling,  airs tonight (Tuesday) at 8:30... Read more »

Should WTTW be renamed LTTL (Liberals talking to liberals)? Where’s the ideological balance?

That omission is not too surprising when you have your hired staff and management all drink from the same idea pool.  Looking out of the window to WTTW’s world, it appears to WTTW’s staff that all right thinking individuals support abortion, gun control, same sex marriage, more government spending and higher taxes.  And married pols... Read more »