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Way better than Mon Nite football, Watch Berkowitz w Glennon on Chicago's pension explosion in Mayor's race, Cable & Web

Mark Glennon [Wirepoints.com]: “Public sector unions in IL have far too much power- procuring these pension benefits through graft & mistake.” Also touched on tonight is how Mayoral Candidates Preckwinkle, Vallas, Mendoza, Daley, Chico et al deal with the pension mess. For example, can we really believe those  mayoral candidates who say they will pay... Read more »

Better than clips of Pres. Bush's Corpse or Mon. Night Football: Berkowitz w/Glennon on Chicago's and IL's pension disasters.

Mark Glennon [Wirepoints.com]: “IL is beyond broke…by technical legal standards, we are bankrupt.” Glennon: “The reason we have not funded the pensions is that the taxpayers cannot afford them…the taxpayers have not been irresponsible.” In our public sector pension system, certain politicians (mostly Democrats) get votes and campaign contributions, the employees get supra-competitive salaries and... Read more »

Better than Tonite’s Serafin Party;Berkowitz w/ABC-7 News' Charles Thomas on Journalism:Cable & Web

Journalists could have reported on sexual assault allegations about Judge Kavanaugh w the perspective of Scottsboro Boys & Emmet Till events but that would not have fit the  mostly left wing, biased MSM narrative… Also discussed is the 2019 Chicago Mayor’s race– Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Vallas, McCarthy, Daley, Wilson,  Enyia, Chico, Lightfoot, Brown… Tonight’s Chicago Metro... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz Question Chicago Mayoral Candidate Garry McCarthy (former head cop): Cable & Web

Garry McCarthy: This is once again Chicago politics in action and you know what’s happening Jeff, people are getting killed, it’s very, very serious. This is not a game…[OMG, politics in City Hall, who would have thunk it:)] Garry McCarthy: Who is the police policy expert who participated in producing the draft Consent degree [involving the... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/ Chicago Mayoral Candidate Garry McCarthy on City's core issues, Cable and Web

Garry McCarthy: Over the last three years, since my termination, there’s been more than 400 more murders in the City than there were in the previous three  years with me as Chicago Police Superintendent. That’s a direct result of the political landscape… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Garry McCarthy, former Chicago... Read more »

Better than Bears v Seahawks, Watch Berkowitz w/ Chi Mayoral Candidate Vallas, cable & web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Paul Vallas, one of the leading candidates of a currently possible field of about fifteen for Mayor of Chicago. The show airs throughout Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV]. This is part 1 of a 2 part series with Paul,... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/former State GOP Chair Gary MacDougal on the five root causes of Chicago's violence: cable & web

MacDougal finds that the root causes of Chicago’s violence include drug infested neighborhoods, dysfunctional families, union dominated, non-performing public schools, a dearth of good role models and geographic and skills barriers to even entry level jobs. With Rahm Emanuel deciding last week discretion is the better part of valor and not to seek re-election as... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz assess Chicago's Mayoral Race: Rapes of CPS students & Chicago's taxpayers, cable & web

Revised and supplemented with text and links on Tuesday, 8/28/18 at 11:10 am. Monday night’s (Aug. 27) City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs featured Part 2 of Berkowitz’s handicap and analysis of the 2019 Chicago Mayoral race, including an update on the Mayor’s Strategic Plan, or lack thereof, to deal with Chicago’s outrageously high... Read more »

Watch Jeff Berkowitz w best selling NYT author Heather Mac Donald, War on Cops or War on Blacks? Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: So, the cop gets out of his car, shoots sixteen times in six seconds a 16 year old black teen who is …walking away from the cop… Berkowitz: …Mayor Emanuel keeps the Laquan McDonald video from the public, Emanuel is re-elected…a War on Cops or War on Blacks? Heather Mac Donald: …You could... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz handicap Chicago's Mayoral Race: Rahm, McCarthy,Lightfoot.... Web & Cable

Berkowitz: Rahm has a knack for raising money… telling me, “What kind of courage does it take to raise money—what are they going to do? Cut your phone wire.”  Berkowitz: Lori would be the first Chicago LGBT Mayor …yet some or many of the progressives think Lori is not progressive enough…for ex,.. Jeff Berkowitz:  Garry... Read more »