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Better than Paul Lisnek w/Zorn and McQueary: Berkowitz w/Kendall on getting low income minorities ready to graduate from college

Tonight’s Chicago North Shore and City of Evanston editions of “Public Affairs,” features Preston Kendall, President of the Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep High School, a Waukegan parochial school  populated in large part with kids from low income Hispanic families, who enter the school two grades behind and by their senior year they are ready to... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz with Rahm Emanuel--What makes Rahm tick? Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz:  So, you are saying you can be a populist even though you earned 7 million dollars during [2000-2001]… Are you a populist? Rahm Emanuel: If you looking for a political label, I would call myself a progressive… Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwestern suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Rahm Emanuel.  In showing Rahm... Read more »

Did Obama blow it by not being a centrist? Berkowitz w/ Cook Political Report's Amy Walter, Cable and Web

Amy Walter: … So, that sort of set the tone. Then we move into—and this was the argument-which was, it’s beyond just—should [Obama] have cobbled together a bi-partisan coalition. The other piece was- was this the right time to do healthcare reform, right? You still have an economy that is struggling [in 2009-2010]. Tonight’s City of... Read more »

Better than Fox’s Mike Flannery w/BGA’s Andy Shaw: Berkowitz w/ IL Network of Charter Schools’ President Andrew Broy, Cable and Web

Andrew Broy: … we have fifteen new charter schools (about 7500 new charter school students) opening this fall. And many of those parents who had kids displaced due to the 50 CPS traditional schools closed in June, 2013, are going to choose charter schools for their kids to attend [starting at the end of this... Read more »

Better than Rachel Maddow w/Anderson Cooper: Berkowitz w/ Chicago Ald. Pawar on Cable/Web

To get the answers to the questions below, watch tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” featuring 47th Ward Chicago Alderman Pawar, airing at 8:30 pm throughout the City. You can also watch the show with Ald. Pawar 24/7 on your computer. Next week’s show features Ald. Waguespack Is Ald. Pawar an... Read more »

Better than March Madness: Berkowitz w/eclectic and eccentric 2nd CD R nominee Paul McKinley, web and cable

Paul McKinley [2nd Cong. District Republican nominee to replace Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr.]: [The choice] is between Rahm Caligulus Emanuel and the King of New York [Mayor Bloomberg] because she [2nd Cong. District Democratic Party nominee Robin Kelly] is a flunky for them… I am running against a [a machine]. .. ************************************* Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public... Read more »

And then there were six: Sen.Trotter trots out of the 2nd CD race.

With State Sen. Donne Trotter backing out yesterday of the 2nd CD race to replace the “purportedly bi-polar,” ethically, marriage vows and legally challenged Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Third Airport), that leaves six major 2nd CD candidates in the Democratic  Primary (based on Money, Organization, Message, Political History and Base)– listed below in rough order... Read more »

New Trier beats Evanston in last two minutes: Of character, young men and football

Jeff Berkowitz: “When you threw it, you knew Devin Boehm would catch it, right?” Nick Hendricks [QB, New Trier High School]: Yes. Berkowitz: You had no doubt? QB Nick Hendricks: No doubt. ***************************************** The Drive to win It is hard to know what explains the difference between a winning and losing effort.  In professional football,... Read more »

Berkowitz w/former MSNBC correspondent Nick Bogert, on Cable / Web: Mayor Emanuel a B student?

Jeff Berkowitz: …what is [Mayor Emanuel] getting an A or B for, if the three major things he was elected [to work on], he hasn’t improved? Nick Bogert: An A or B for taking it on, and I don’t think you turn the battleship around in a year. [From “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” taped... Read more »

Better than Michigan at Notre Dame, Berkowitz w/ Russell on Opportunity Scholarships: Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: I hope Rahm Emanuel is watching this because he wants Chicago to be the idea city.  Eric Zorn, who is a very bright guy and a great Chicago Tribune columnist, said to me, “Well, Jeff, if you have school vouchers-school choice, the Chicago Public Schools would fall apart.” John Russell: Now, that’s not... Read more »