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Berkowitz w Gov. Pritzker on IL pension payments and whether IL FY2020 Budget is balanced

Berkowitz:…Generally acceptable actuarial accounting principles say you [should] be paying something like 13 $billion because your payment… doesn’t even cover the interest;  you would need another $4 billion to cover the principal and interest to start reducing that $200 billion hole in unfunded pensions. What do you say to those actuaries [about meeting GAAAP]? Gov.... Read more »

Watch Martin w Berkowitz, Guzzardi & Durkin et al on Pritzker's big tax increase & much more, Cable & Web

Watch tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs, featuring a discussion of (1) the so-called IL Fair Tax, Progressive Income tax or Pritzker’s big tax increase (2) a capital budget and (3) the Fiscal 2020 budget.  Also discussed is- Will the Middle class & working class ultimately pay higher income taxes, too, if Pritzker’s... Read more »

Watch Terry Martin interview Jeff Berkowitz on IL Big Tax boost-comments by Guzzardi, Durkin, Manar &Weaver,Cable & Web

Watch tonight’s Chicago Metro north and northwest suburban edition of Public Affairs (See airing schedule, below). Role reversal tonight, with usual show host Jeff Berkowitz being interviewed (on May 2, 2019) by Illinois Channel’s Terry Martin. State Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-Chicago), House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs), Senator Chuck Weaver (R- Peoria) and Senator... Read more »

Trump looks for growth hawk to replace Moore as Fed Reserve nominee; Watch Berkowitz w Moore, Cable & Web

Prize for dumbest media report goes to WSJ’s Kiernan & Peterson, May 3, 2019, P.1: Trump believed concerns about “Moore’s comments [about women] had some justification.” In an incomplete report, Kiernan & Peterson did not tell their gentle readers: This from a Pres. who won the Presidency shortly after the release of tapes quoting Trump’s... Read more »

Secrets to 3.2 % GDP growth,Watch Berkowitz w Fed Reserve nominee Steve Moore, Cable & Web (City & Suburbs)

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North & Northwest suburban edition of Public Affairs features Steve Moore, Federal Reserve Nominee. Watch show host Jeff Berkowitz interview economist Steve Moore. This episode was taped on April 18, 2019 and features Moore, 2019 Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors Trump nominee and co-author w Art Laffer of “Trumponomics: Inside the... Read more »

Marilyn Katz advises Mayor Lightfoot on fixing Chicago's homicides, education & pensions:Cable & Web

Ms. Katz discusses and debates … (3)  How to improve Chicago’s financial mess of $50 billion dollars in unfunded pensions and (4) How to turn around the worst Chicago neighborhoods… ************************************** Tonight’s Chicago metro edition of Public Affairs features Marilyn Katz, President, MK Communications, advising Mayor-Elect Lightfoot, via her discussion with show host Berkowitz,  on... Read more »

Berkowitz w Marilyn Katz on advising Mayor Lightfoot on how to fix Chicago: Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Marilyn Katz, President, MK Communications, giving succinct but wise advice to Mayor-Elect Lightfoot on how to fix all of Chicago’s ills. For once, show host Berkowitz smartly took a back seat to his guest and took copious notes on Marilyn’s advice. The new Chicago mayor and... Read more »

Watch Wirepoints' Dabrowski tell Mayor Lightfoot what she must do to make Chicago fiscally healthy: Cable & Web

Ted Dabrowski essentially said that Lightfoot, if she is serious about fixing Chicago’s finances, will reverse her campaign position and support an Illinois constitutional amendment that allows Chicago to reduce… The power to file for bankruptcy means all the Chicago creditors, such as those with owed pensions, have to come to the table and negotiate... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w Wirepoints' Dabrowski on how Mayor Lightfoot could fix Chicago's finances: Cable & Web

Mayor-Elect Lightfoot will have to have a “Come to Jesus moment,” in which she realizes that in our modern age, capital, wealth, businesses and taxpayers are free to choose—another city and state in which to reside– locations with more taxpayer and business friendly public policies. These positions, not yet adopted by Lightfoot, will be necessary... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w 45 yr Journalist Charles Thomas: Chicago Mayor's race, Farrakhan & Black Nationalism, Cable & Web

Berkowitz: Black Nationalism relevant to the vote for Chicago Mayor? 45 yr Journalist Charles Thomas: $95 million to build a police academy but no millions to rebuild black self- respect. Charles Thomas: Toni Preckwinkle made herself into establishment candidate by accepting money from Ed Burke, charged by Feds w a shakedown Jeff Berkowitz: Lightfoot stands... Read more »