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Better than Senators Warren and Sanders: Berkowitz w/Judge Posner on legal realism and Constitutional Law, Cable/web

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner: … old documents [such as the U. S. Constitution] are not going to tell you how to deal with new problems.   The Public Affairs show, featuring Judge Posner in Part 1  of a two part series, airs tonight throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm and... Read more »

The top four reasons why Hillary made Tim Kaine the Democratic VP nominee

In a stereotype reversal, if the man on the Presidential ticket, Senator Tim Kaine, can soften the sharp edges and elbows of the first woman nominated for President- making her a bit more likeable- that alone might transform Hillary into a winner. 4. The first thing you notice about Tim Kaine is how opposite his... Read more »

Is CEO Trump handling his campaign negligently? The Melania Trump/Meredith McIver plagiarism

Revised and links added at 9:50  pm on Wednesday. And the Donald tells us he is smarter than everybody else.  He will make smart trade deals he says, not like the ones Clinton, Bush and Obama made. And, yet the smartest guy of all can’t produce an organization that prevents his wife from delivering a... Read more »

Governor Rauner concedes IL on a FY 2017 $8 billion budget deficit glidepath

Gov. Rauner: The deficit is the result of years of out of control spending… and court-ordered and statutory spending, which have locked in higher spending levels. Comptroller  Munger: I think absolutely we have to look at some combination [of tax increases, spending cuts and reforms]… –The feel good June 30 agreement between the Speaker, Governor... Read more »

lllinois political economy, the more things change, the more they stay the same: Watch IL Chamber's Maisch w/Berkowitz, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: Would you favor any increase in the income tax rate from it’s current rate of 3.75% as a part of a deal— Todd Maisch: As a part of an overall package of which workman’s compensation [reform] would have to be on the table and we would insist on some… But, the deal, which... Read more »

UChicago Charter School outperforms CPS traditional neighborhood schools: Watch NKO campus principal Tonya Howell w/Berkowiz, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: Kids who are not reading at grade level, you’ve got a plan, you’ve got resources, you’ve got teachers– you will get them up to grade level? UChicago Charter School Principal Tonya Howell: Absolutely, 100% Berkowitz: You’re sure, you’re sure? You will take a blood oath? Howell:   Yes. ************************** Did CPS CEO Forrest... Read more »

Ten takeaways from the last 18 months of IL budget/sausage making, part 1

…Nobody (from Rauner to Madigan to Munger) knows how bad the state deficit and growing debt will be… but every honest… person knows they will be very, very bad. …Balanced, my ass, is what the TV show host should have said.  Sadly, Lisnik, after a half-hearted challenge and probe, let Quinn sleaze his way out... Read more »

July 4th Fireworks: Watch Berkowitz w/Legal revolution leader Judge Posner, Cable/Web,

Judge Posner: …A judge never wants to take personal responsibility for a decision…he read these old documents, old cases and now he knows what the law is. ***** Jeff Berkowitz: [Are] Republicans now doing the sensible thing in not holding hearings on Judge Garland? ***** Judge Posner now is leading Revolution No. 2, legal realism... Read more »

State budget deal in Springfield almost done: CPS and State Government roll on, Rauner gets one reform-maybe

The soup is simmering and almost ready to eat. All it needs is some seasoning.    There might come a day… when Madigan… will be willing to fall backwards, on the promise that Rauner… will catch him. Maybe.      Governor Rauner and his Republican legislative leader colleagues (Durkin, House and Radogno, Senate) met Tuesday and... Read more »

Is it Chief Justice Roberts' job to enforce collegiality in the federal appellate courts? Watch Berkowitz w/Federal Judge Richard Posner, Cable/Web

Federal Appellate  Judge Richard Posner: [If I were Chief Justice Roberts ... I would bring [the not so collegial appellate judges] to Washington, D.C.…chew them out and that would be the end of it. The Public Affairs show, featuring Judge Posner in Part 1  of a two part series, airs tonight throughout the City of Chicago... Read more »