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Participate in Facebook livecast after Tonight's presidential debate

Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz   Trump vs. Hillary – You don’t want to miss this…   Join Jeff Berkowitz LIVE tonight (Wednesday) at 9:35 p.m. (CDT) in a lively, engaging and thoughtful analysis of the 3rd Presidential debate on Facebook Live that will run to 10 pm, and possibly later.   Watch using the... Read more »

This week, Watch Berkowitz debate workers' comp. lawyer Matt Belcher; Next week, Watch Berkowitz debate Judge Posner, Cable/web

What would happen, hypothetically speaking, if Speaker Madigan were to ask a typical plaintiff’s trial lawyer specializing in Worker’s comp. insurance cases to reach a compromise on the causation standard used  to resolve Worker’s compensation lawsuits?  Would that lawyer, or an association of such lawyers, be likely to agree to a compromise on the causation... Read more »

Berkowitz w/ former Gov. Candidate Gidwitz on why State Government was slow to resolve the budget impasse and much, much more, Cable/Web

Berkowitz: How have we made the cost of hiring employees so expensive? Ron Gidwitz: Regulation. The tax burden…  And, In this state…  a whole list of things that are required by Chicago, Cook  County and state government that make it much more difficult to conduct manufacturing operations here than, say, even a location as close... Read more »

Get the true skinny on Workers' Comp. reform: Watch round 2 of Berkowitz w/trial lawyer Belcher, Cable/web

Matt Belcher: What [Republican House Leader Durkin] wants to do is to say that anybody who is middle aged or has any sort of pre-existing degenerative condition no longer gets workers’ compensation. What’s next on Public Affairs? Berkowitz mediating a discussion and resolution of the workers comp. reform issue between Gov. Rauner and Speaker Madigan?... Read more »

Kansas, Maine, Kentucky and Louisiana-- and then there were two, a Trump-Cruz showdown

On Saturday, Rubio averaged 14 points in the four state contests. If Cruz is right about winning most of the Rubio votes, Cruz would have swept all four states– if Rubio had been out of the race. ..When it comes to delegate math and margin of victory, size  matters…Cruz might start calling Trump “Little Donald.”... Read more »

Less prison time, fewer non-violent offenders: Berkowitz w/Illinois Policy Institute's Jackson-Green, Cable and Web

Tonight’s special airing of Public Affairs features the Illinois Policy Institute’s Bryant Jackson-Green debating with show host Jeff Berkowitz how to save money for IL taxpayers and reduce significantly repeat offenses by non-violent offenders. The show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 7:00 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV] Bryant Jackson-Green and  Presidential... Read more »

Donald Trump's non-answer responses at this week's City Club of Chicago press conference

Berkowitz: How [do you bring jobs back to America?]     Donald Trump:  by being smart…        The below Donald Trump Q/A is excerpted from a June 29, 2015 Press Conference at Maggiano’s in the Chicago Loop.  The presser lasted about 12 minutes, with about half of that time being devoted to immigration issue questions,... Read more »

Frustrated by Charleston, Tribune columnist Huppke throws logic out the window w/his call for more gun control

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke, in his frustration, abandons logic in yesterday’s column about the tragic killing of nine innocent people in Charleston last Wednesday.  He thinks politicians are being disingenuous in their response to these murders.  Huppke asserts they are shedding “Crocodile tears.” Let’s take a look at the Tribune columnist’s argument and see... Read more »

Better than Rachel Maddow w/ Speaker Hastert: Berkowitz w/ UChicago Professor Stephanopoulos on Constitutional Law: Cable/Web

Prof. Stephanopoulos: …In terms of … credentials, writing ability… Justice Kagan is the most promising member of the liberal bloc on the Supreme Court… The Public Affairs program featuring UChicago Law School Constitutional Law Professor Nick Stephanopoulos airs tonight throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV).... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel, Vitale and Ruiz rolled by education monopoly protectionists: CPS Board sends Uptown Noble Academy charter school kids packing-- for now.

Content revised and video link added at 3:30 pm on Thursday. It is as if Rahm Emanuel said, “All those pols, making such a fuss.  Well, then, Damn the kids. I can’t help everybody.” Yesterday, some major damage was done by the CPS Board to the education opportunities for many kids in Chicago. But, before... Read more »