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Watch Barack Obama, open to school vouchers, in his June, 2002 debate w/Berkowitz, Cable and Web

Barack Obama: I am willing to listen to these arguments [in favor of school vouchers- school choice]  and see if I can be persuaded that ultimately, kids would be better off, then- Jeff Berkowitz: You would support school vouchers? ****************** Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features an insightful look at the President–... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/UChicago Professor Charles Lipson tonight on Trump's possible impeachment & his agenda: Cable & Web

Professor Charles Lipson: In the next several months, we’ll know if [the Mueller] investigation is beginning to turn up things that go beyond a personal issue of corruption which might embroil people like Manafort or Flynn… [and] actually involve the Trump campaign in a serious way, then Mueller will want to move quickly because …... Read more »

Will Gov. Rauner Carpe Diem in this Wednesday's Budget Speech by proposing real reforms, spending cuts and new revenue?

On Wednesday, Governor Rauner (R-Winnetka and Springfield) delivers his budget message to the General Assembly and the people of Illinois. Will he take advantage of the opportunity to lead by proposing detailed, significant spending cuts, pro-economic growth reforms and new revenue that forms the basis of IL Fiscal Year 2017 and Fiscal Year 2018 balanced... Read more »

Can and should Donald Trump win the Presidency? "Morning Joe's," Mika, Scarborough and Geist discuss that w/Ari Fleischer, you decide. "

Joe Scarborough: … Do you think Donald Trump is temperamentally fit to be Commander-in-Chief? Ari Fleischer: … I think it is a roll of the dice… I think Hillary is a worse roll of the dice. ******* Scarborough: … I didn’t say this but this is what everybody is saying. Is Donald Trump a sociopath?... Read more »

Get the true skinny on Workers' Comp. reform: Watch round 2 of Berkowitz w/trial lawyer Belcher, Cable/web

Matt Belcher: What [Republican House Leader Durkin] wants to do is to say that anybody who is middle aged or has any sort of pre-existing degenerative condition no longer gets workers’ compensation. What’s next on Public Affairs? Berkowitz mediating a discussion and resolution of the workers comp. reform issue between Gov. Rauner and Speaker Madigan?... Read more »

CTU President Karen Lewis bashes Governor Rauner and blows sweet kisses to Speaker Madigan at the City Club of Chicago

Jeff Berkowitz: President Lewis, since you have labelled Gov. Rauner as a power hungry, lying terrorist, how would you describe his counterpart in the State Budget impasse, Speaker Mike Madigan? CTU  President Karen Lewis: Somebody that is trying to get things done but not ideological and not stuck in the mud.  Not ideological at all.... Read more »

What we know about the shooters in San Bernardino, CA yesterday afternoon.

What we now know about the shooters in San Bernardino, CA yesterday: The earlier reports of three men doing the shooting today at the County inland regional social service center at 1:14 pm (CST) in San Bernardino, CA that killed 14 people and injured 17  were incorrect. There were only two shooters and both were... Read more »

Better than WYCC's "In the Loop," UChicago Charter School Principal Tonya Howell on why her CPS Charter works, Cable/Web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban  edition of Public Affairs features Tonya Howell, Principal (aka Interim Director) at the North Kenwood Oakland (NKO) campus of the UChicago Charter School.   When kids are in schools where only 4% of the African-American students who graduate from high school go on  to complete college within six... Read more »

Frustrated by Charleston, Tribune columnist Huppke throws logic out the window w/his call for more gun control

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke, in his frustration, abandons logic in yesterday’s column about the tragic killing of nine innocent people in Charleston last Wednesday.  He thinks politicians are being disingenuous in their response to these murders.  Huppke asserts they are shedding “Crocodile tears.” Let’s take a look at the Tribune columnist’s argument and see... Read more »

Watch Paul Meincke, ABC-7 News Reporter, discuss the Blagojevich retrial with show host Jeff Berkowitz

Jeff Berkowitz:  You know this stuff…your prediction? Is Rod Blagojevich going to be found guilty in his second trial of a significant number of counts? Paul Meincke [ABC-7 News]: Let me just say this as a qualifier. I said in the first trial I thought he would be found guilty and he was on one... Read more »