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Better than WYCC's "In the Loop," UChicago Charter School Principal Tonya Howell on why her CPS Charter works, Cable/Web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban  edition of Public Affairs features Tonya Howell, Principal (aka Interim Director) at the North Kenwood Oakland (NKO) campus of the UChicago Charter School.   When kids are in schools where only 4% of the African-American students who graduate from high school go on  to complete college within six... Read more »

Frustrated by Charleston, Tribune columnist Huppke throws logic out the window w/his call for more gun control

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke, in his frustration, abandons logic in yesterday’s column about the tragic killing of nine innocent people in Charleston last Wednesday.  He thinks politicians are being disingenuous in their response to these murders.  Huppke asserts they are shedding “Crocodile tears.” Let’s take a look at the Tribune columnist’s argument and see... Read more »

Watch Paul Meincke, ABC-7 News Reporter, discuss the Blagojevich retrial with show host Jeff Berkowitz

Jeff Berkowitz:  You know this stuff…your prediction? Is Rod Blagojevich going to be found guilty in his second trial of a significant number of counts? Paul Meincke [ABC-7 News]: Let me just say this as a qualifier. I said in the first trial I thought he would be found guilty and he was on one... Read more »