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Better than Chicago Tonight's Phil Ponce w/ the newly minted CT correspondent Amanda Vanicky: Berkowitz w/ State Rep. Tom Morrison, Cable and Web

Despite media reports to the contrary, Illinois’ Fiscal 2016 budget deficit is only about four billion dollars. Can the Governor and the legislature come up with four billion dollars in revenue increases, spending cuts and savings from the Governor’s proposed Turnaround Agenda reforms? Because almost 75% of the Illinois budget (General Revenue Fund) is consumed by Medicaid,... Read more »

Who vetted Ponce's Emanuel-Garcia debate questions for Rahmster bias? Will WTTW apologize? Inquiring minds want to know.

Supplemented at 3:30 pm on Thursday, April 23, 2015. Sylvia Puente and Rosa Garcia complain to WTTW’s Community Advisory Board on Tuesday night:     Was Phil Ponce biased in his conduct of the Chicago Mayoral Debate/forum on March 31, 2015? Sylvia Puente, Executive Director of the Latino Policy Forum and Rosa Garcia (no relation... Read more »

Better than Megyn Kelly and Rachel Maddow: Berkowitz w/ Vice Mayor Suarez and his challenger, Milly Santiago, Cable and Web

Tonight’s Chicago  Metro suburban edition of Pubic Affairs features separate segments with the two candidates in the 31st Ward aldermanic run-off election interviewed by show host Jeff Berkowitz: the 24 year incumbent and Vice-Mayor, Ray Suarez and the challenger, Milly Santiago.  The show airs in 24 North and Northwest Chicago Metro suburbs at 8:30 pm... Read more »

Better than March Madness: Berkowitz w/Prof. Dye on cutting state spending or raising tax rates; left-wing bias on Public TV; and fixing schools. Watch on Cable/Web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Professor Richard Dye, who taught economics for  several decades at Lake Forest College and now is co-director of the Fiscal Futures Project at the Institute for Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois, Chicago. The program airs in its usual 8:30... Read more »

Should Republicans boycott WTTW's forums due to WTTW's liberal bias?

Liberal media bias at the WTTW/Mikva Challenge Republican Gov Candidate Forum It has long been alleged that PBS and WTTW (Chicago Public TV) possess a liberal media bias similar to that of the other national broadcast outlets: CBS, NBC and ABC, and that of MSNBC, which has taken liberal media bias to new extremes. So... Read more »

Should WTTW be renamed LTTL (Liberals talking to liberals)? Where’s the ideological balance?

That omission is not too surprising when you have your hired staff and management all drink from the same idea pool.  Looking out of the window to WTTW’s world, it appears to WTTW’s staff that all right thinking individuals support abortion, gun control, same sex marriage, more government spending and higher taxes.  And married pols... Read more »

Better than Phil Ponce w/ Mayoral wannabe Ald. Fioretti: Berkowitz w/ Gov. Candidate Sen. Bill Brady

Tonight’s Chicago Metro suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), 2010 Republican Party nominee for Governor and almost surely 2014 candidate for Governor, debating and discussing the key issues facing Illinois with show host Jeff Berkowitz. The show airs Tonight in 24 North and Northwest Chicago Metro suburbs at 8:30 pm –  On Comcast Cable Ch.... Read more »

How to bring balance to WTTW. The Chicago Mayoral Candidates' Forum: Education, economic growth, jobs and the Tea Party, inadvertent omissions?

The most striking aspect of last night’s WTTW forum among the four major candidates for Chicago Mayor was the paucity of attention to the factors that are most likely to drive economic growth in the future in the city, and certainly to those growth factors that are important from a free market perspective.   The... Read more »