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Hastert's lawyer goes on offense: a good day to construct and hunt 800 pound gorillas

–Hastert, starting on Defense. When you are a defendant in a lawsuit,  as Speaker Hastert is, you start off on defense.  The plaintiff, in this case, the USA, starts off on offense, The plaintiff files the indictment or a complaint.  The defendant files an answer, or he starts by pleading guilty or innocent. In this... Read more »

Public Affairs-Blagojevich marathon on Cable and internet-- can Rod avoid more prison time?

Today’s Blago-Public Affairs marathon    Today’s Public Affairs-Rod Blagojevich marathon features four consecutive episodes of the TV show, “Public Affair with Jeff Berkowitz,” focusing on the federal Chicago retrial of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich,  54.  The case went to the jury (eleven women – including three minority jurors and one man) last Friday. The  jurors, after... Read more »

Watch Paul Meincke, ABC-7 News Reporter, discuss the Blagojevich retrial with show host Jeff Berkowitz

Jeff Berkowitz:  You know this stuff…your prediction? Is Rod Blagojevich going to be found guilty in his second trial of a significant number of counts? Paul Meincke [ABC-7 News]: Let me just say this as a qualifier. I said in the first trial I thought he would be found guilty and he was on one... Read more »