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Trump pivots by aiming his attack in West Bend, Wisconsin at Hillary Clinton and other Democrats?

Donald Trump’s speech last night in West Bend, Wisconsin was the pivot many in the Republican Party have been waiting for since Trump won the Party’s nomination about three months ago. This speech contained themes that the Bushes (GHW, W and Jeb), Ohio Governor John Kasich and 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney should all... Read more »

Gov. Rauner’s pension reform proposal, President Cullerton’s response, the IL Constitution and liberal bias at WTTW, WGN and Chicago Tribune reporting

Link to NBC-5 News Mary Ann Ahearn’s excellent written and video report and Rich Miller’s excellent back story added, below, at 2:40 pm today. Looking at all the comments of President Cullerton and Governor Rauner, it appears that Arruza’s, Lisnek’s and Pearson’s reports of the demise of Rauner’s pension reform proposal, like the reports of... Read more »

Left Wing "Politics Tonight" w/ Lisnek and Pearson—WTF, WGN’s Lisnek blames the State Budget impasse on Gov. Rauner’s “Social Agenda.”

Left Wing "Politics Tonight" w/ Lisnek and Pearson—WTF, WGN’s Lisnek blames the State Budget impasse on Gov. Rauner’s “Social Agenda.”
Text revised, primarily for syntax, on Saturday at 11:15 pm. Watching left wing Politics Tonight last night [M-F, 5:30 pm and 10 pm, on CLTV, step-child of WGN], it was sad to see that WGN continues to put up with so much left-wing bias from it’s host, Paul Lisnek. –Paul Lisnek, a social and economic... Read more »

Better than Paul Lisnek with Lisa Madigan: Watch Berkowitz w/ IL Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf

This afternoon’s episode of Public Affairs airs at noon on Cable Ch. 6 [ECTV] throughout the People’s Republic of Evanston, featuring Paul Schimpf, the Republican nominee for Illinois Attorney General.  You might recall that the current occupant of that office, Lisa Madigan, daughter of Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, was elected to that office in... Read more »

Did WGN’s Paul Lisnek go soft on Gov candidate Rutherford because they share similar gay rights views? Will Lisnek debate Berkowitz on this and other journalistic issues?

Paul Lisnek: …I challenge liberal guests with conservative questions and conservative guests with liberal viewpoints. Jeff Berkowitz: …I disagree with your self-assessment of impartiality.  You are often aggressive … when you have a guest with conservative viewpoints on your show but you specialize in softballs with someone who takes a liberal stance.  *********************************************************************** Paul Lisnek:... Read more »

A stupendously, stupid discussion of minimum wages between CLTV show host Paul Lisnek and Gov Candidate Brady

As we get down to the wire in the Republican Primary Governor’s  race, watch for desperate candidates to say and do stupid things.  Downstate Republican Senator Bill Brady, who has been running a reasonably good campaign, is getting frustrated because he feels his slim chances to become his party’s nominee slipping away– due to the... Read more »

More important than Preckwinkle's endorsement in 2nd CD Democratic Primary: Berkowitz w/Dem 2nd CD Candidate Rev. Anthony Williams and Republican 2nd CD candidate McAllister, cable and web

Revised and supplemented on Tuesday, 7:15 pm.  A big deal that Preckwinkle endorsed 2nd CD candidate State Senator Toi Hutchinson yesterday? Of course not, nobody cares much about what  Preckwinkle thinks about the 2nd CD. Why should they? As if Preckwinkle would know anything about the 2nd Congressional District or the issues important to that... Read more »