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Who enabled the theft of $23 million from CPS? Berkowitz w/criminal defense lawyer Dean Polales, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: The bad guy [in the SUPES- ACADEMY, Barbara Byrd-Bennett- CPS scandal] … Who are the really bad people…I didn’t say guilty… who were the enablers who enabled Barbara, Gary and Thomas to steal 23 million dollars from CPS … Dean Polales: Jeffrey, the enabler of stealing twenty-three million dollars is a system that... Read more »

Is the Bill Cellini trial “Breaking bad,” for U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald?

As we head into the 11th and possibly final day of testimony in the Fed’s case against Springfield power broker Bill Cellini, it’s time to take stock. 1. The government’s case against Celllini, 76, is incredibly weak. It’s star and perhaps only real witness is Stu Levine, 65, a man who has been a heavy... Read more »

Watch on cable and the web WBEZ's Wildeboer and Ex- Fed prosecutor Polales dissect, with Berkowitz, Rod Blagojevich's second trial.

Today’s City of Chicago edition  of Public Affairs features two consecutive episodes of the TV show, “Public Affair with Jeff Berkowitz,” focusing on the federal Chicago retrial of former Illinois Governor, Congressman and State Rep. Rod Blagojevich.      The arrest, impeachment and conviction of Blagojevich, following on the heels of the arrest and conviction of  George Ryan.      ... Read more »

Jackson's testimony this morning in Blagojevich trial not a game changer

December 8, 2009 Blago-Jackson meeting testimony helps Rod   Cong. Jackson testified this morning at the Blagojevich retrial that he met with Gov. Rod Blagojevich on December 8, 2009, the day before Rod was arrested, for 75 to 90 minutes in the Governor’s office at the Thompson Center in the Chicago Loop. Jackson said the... Read more »

The top five reasons why Rod Blagojevich won, and is a winner, for today.

5.  Stuff happens, or so losers argue. Early reports are that the Blago jury vote, yesterday, was 11 to 1 to convict on at least some of the significant counts [attempted extortion and/or the sale of President Obama’s U. S. Senate seat]. No matter how skilled the Feds are at jury selection, it is always possible to... Read more »