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Gov. Kasich’s strategic plan to become President, as told by Kasich IL Campaign Co-chair Pat Brady

Jeff Berkowitz: So, where does your guy (Gov. Kasich) go?  What does your guy do? What’s his plan? Pat Brady: He just goes state by state, picking up as many delegates, as he can. Berkowitz: He can’t do state by state, he doesn’t have time. He’s got 22 states left. Brady: If you don’t want... Read more »

Better than Flannery and Hill w/Cullerton-Dillard: Berkowitz w/2014 Republican candidate for Governor Dan Proft? on Cable/Web

Dan Proft:  [If I am a state GOP leader],  the first thing I do [before the Holidays set in] is make a public statement and put together a coalition of the willing- of the people who are interested in re-thinking how the Republican Party operates—and send a message to the Illinois electorate that we received... Read more »

Better than Marin and Berkowitz co-hosting Chicago Tonight: Berkowitz w/Proft on how to re-build the State GOP; On Cable and Web

Time for the State GOP to dump Republican House leader Tom Cross and Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno, says Dan Proft.  Proft also elaborates on how “comprehensive,” the problems are with the State GOP [Watch show with Proft here] For another perspective on the mess the State GOP made of the November 6, 2012 election... Read more »