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Trump paid $38 million in 2005 taxes. Where’s the story, Rachel Maddow?

–No Presidential requirement to release tax returns There is no law that requires the President of the United States to release his or her tax returns to the public. Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution requires that a candidate for President be 35 and a natural born citizen. Congress has passed legislation that requires... Read more »

Trump pivots by aiming his attack in West Bend, Wisconsin at Hillary Clinton and other Democrats?

Donald Trump’s speech last night in West Bend, Wisconsin was the pivot many in the Republican Party have been waiting for since Trump won the Party’s nomination about three months ago. This speech contained themes that the Bushes (GHW, W and Jeb), Ohio Governor John Kasich and 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney should all... Read more »

Is CEO Trump handling his campaign negligently? The Melania Trump/Meredith McIver plagiarism

Revised and links added at 9:50  pm on Wednesday. And the Donald tells us he is smarter than everybody else.  He will make smart trade deals he says, not like the ones Clinton, Bush and Obama made. And, yet the smartest guy of all can’t produce an organization that prevents his wife from delivering a... Read more »

Palin endorses Trump, the first nail in the Donald’s Iowa caucus coffin?

Today is a good day for Cruz and not so good for Trump.  Trump should remember that time worn wisdom, “Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.”  The Trump campaign in Iowa is about to be trumped by Sarah Palin. Good luck, Donald.      2008 Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin will... Read more »

The top ten points to know about President Obama’s speech on the San Bernardino shootings, terrorism and ISIS

…What intelligence was known by the Feds before the shootings about Syed Farook’s and Tashfeen Malik’s possible terrorist inclinations and what, if anything, was done about it.  This might have been the kind of information that Americans were hoping to hear more about from the President last night. If so, they were greatly disappointed. The... Read more »

Ten vital things known 52 hours after the San Bernardino shootings, including shooter's ISIS allegiance

Shooter Tashfeen Malik came to the states in 2014 with a K-1 fiancée visa… Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS leader… the shooters’ home was not dusted for fingerprints… Ten vital things known 52 hours after the San Bernardino shootings: 10. Shooter Zyed Farook, a 28 year old U. S. citizen and Muslim, became increasingly devout... Read more »

Better than Jake Tapper w/ Hillary Clinton: Berkowitz w/MSNBC's Perry Bacon on 2016 Presidential race and 2014 key U.S. Senate races, Cable and Web

Perry Bacon [MSNBC]: I assume that’s true…and in that case, it’s a little hard to see anybody knocking [Hillary] off   **************************************** Watch the City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” tonight, featuring MSNBC political analyst Perry Bacon.  Bacon analyzes the more than dozen 2014 hotly contested Senate races, giving his prediction... Read more »

Speaking at UChicago’s Institute of Politics, Senator Santorum still not on a path to the Presidency

[Video links added and edits made at 3:30 pm on Friday] Former two term, Republican U. S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1994-2006), Rick Santorum, spoke to approximately 120 people  (mostly University of Chicago students) last night in Hyde Park at the University of Chicago’s Quadrangle Club  on 57th St., just down the block from the Institute... Read more »

Berkowitz w/former MSNBC correspondent Nick Bogert, on Cable / Web: Mayor Emanuel a B student?

Jeff Berkowitz: …what is [Mayor Emanuel] getting an A or B for, if the three major things he was elected [to work on], he hasn’t improved? Nick Bogert: An A or B for taking it on, and I don’t think you turn the battleship around in a year. [From “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” taped... Read more »