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Better than Charlie Rose w/ William F. Buckley, Jr.: Berkowitz w/Free market activist Jack Roeser (Watch now on the web)

Jack Roeser: And, this idiot Obama is trying to give us a single payer system for our medical care. Well, that is the biggest blunder in sight—in my whole lifetime—what that idiot is trying to do there.  But, he has got the great example of a single payer system for K-12 [public] education, where the... Read more »

The top ten reasons why Paul Ryan won the 2012 VP debate.

Not only did the below statements and actions help bring independents to Romney-Ryan, but they helped set or reinforce the foundation for Romney’s arguments in the second Presidential debate, scheduled for this coming Tuesday night. We just had an ambassador and three other Americans killed in Libya. That doesn’t happen everyday. And, Joe Biden lied... Read more »

Way Better than MN Football, Dancing w/the stars, MN Baseball, Hannity and Maddow: Berkowitz w/Former MSNBC correspondent Bogert on Cable/Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Nick Bogert, former MSNBC correspondent.  The show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21.  You can also watch the show 24/7 here.  Bogert, who covered the second Blagojevich trial, among other news items, as a TV free lancer, debates and... Read more »

Better than Chris Matthews w/Mitt Romney: Berkowitz w/ CTBA's Ralph Martire on state pension reform on cable/web

This week’s suburban edition of Public Affairs features Ralph Martire, Excutive Director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability think tank “CTBA”), debating and discussing with show host Berkowitz whether CTBA is somehow “better,” than the free market/liberty oriented Illinois Policy Institute think tank.   The Martire-Berkowitz debate and discussion also includes how to reform... Read more »

Better than Maddow w/Romney: Berkowitz w/ Tribune's Zorn on Cable/Web on Romney's taxes, Dem's Joe McCarthy and who "built it."

  Jeff Berkowitz: Where does [economic] growth come from? Government or entrepreneurs? Eric Zorn [Chicago Tribune]: Obviously entrepreneurs are the real engine of growth, but you can’t have entrepreneurs if you don’t have government behind them. They cannot operate without the structure— Jeff Berkowitz: We could have a lot less government behind us and then... Read more »

Better than Charlie Rose w/the late Tim Russert of NBC: Berkowitz w/MBC's and WLS's Bruce DuMont

Jeff Berkowitz: You’re saying right now it’s pretty clear that Obama’s the guy who is likely to win the Presidential election? Bruce DuMont (Beyond the Beltway host): I think so. Berkowitz: For the reasons you’ve just said. DuMont: I think so. ******************************************************************************** This week’s Chicago and suburban editions of Public Affairs, featuring WLS 890 AM... Read more »

Way better than Rachel Maddow w/Howard Dean: Berkowitz w/Obama adviser Dan Shomon [On Cable/web]

Jeff Berkowitz: Would you tell Barack this: There is no job called job creator… in the private sector, if you … do things that improve the situation for your shareholders, your employees and your customers, you will create jobs, but you don’t go out and try to create jobs… Dan Shomon [Long time Barack Obama... Read more »

Free birth control pills or school choice? Berkowitz with Obama senior adviser Dan Shomon, Cable and on the web

Jeff Berkowitz: And, then [Barack Obama] said, “You know, Jeff, I am against school vouchers.” It was the saddest moment of my life to see Barack Obama say something that wasn’t true. Because, I could have played him that tape, as he said— Dan Shomon [Barack Obama adviser]: Well, I don’t remember, but you can... Read more »

The Top 5 reasons why Romney may yet blow the Republican Presidential Nomination

The Top 5 reasons why Romney may yet blow the Republican Presidential Nomination Foster Freeze is Senator Santorum’s “angel” benefactor.  Sheldon Adelson is Newt Gingrich’s “angel” benefactor.  In a world in which federal campaign contributions are limited to about 5K per couple per election cycle, Adelson can and has given more than 10 million dollars... Read more »

Watch RCP’s Bevan explain on Cable/Web how Daniels, Christie or Bush may become the next President

Tom Bevan, Co-founder and Executive Editor of Realclearpolitics.com, seemed to hit the nail on the head when he taped our show, Public Affairs, last Sunday.  He said that Mitt Romney has about a 65% chance of winning the Republican Party Presidential nomination, with former PA Senator Santorum and former House Speaker Gingrich at about 10%... Read more »