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Can Governor Rauner turn IL around w/ no concrete, realistic plans to do so?

  Text extensively revised, link to presser added and pictures added at 4:30  pm on Wednesday Gov. Bruce Rauner is a major league enigma. Having never run for office previously, he ran a very focused disciplined campaign for Governor. Rauner’s campaign message and wealth helped him win the 2014 Republican Gubernatorial Primary Bruce Rauner, private... Read more »

Then there were two Republican Presidential Candidates: Good bye Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum-- May their campaigns RIP

Palin, Daniels, Christie and Ryan opted out early in the game Earlier this year, the big Republican names took themselves out of  the running: (1)  Sarah Palin, the former Alaska Governor and 2008 McCain running mate who had more charisma and less gravitas than was good for her, (2) Mitch Daniels, America’s and Indiana’s governor,... Read more »

Getting to know Presidential contender Governor Tim Pawlenty

Is Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), 50, a serious candidate for President? At this point in the game, none are more so than former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Pawlenty.  Romney, Pawlenty baggage Romney has an advantage over Pawlenty on net worth (about $500 million), donor list and name recognition. But, Pawlenty has less baggage than... Read more »

Winners and Losers in Last Night's First Republican Presidential Debate

  The primary winner last night at the first Republican Presidential Debate was the Republican Party.  Although the only top tier candidate who showed up was Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, the conversation projected to the Fox audience was a fairly reasonable and diverse one. Although there was some bashing of President Obama, especially on healthcare,... Read more »