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Berkowitz w Wirepoints' Mark Glennon on Chicago's & IL's pension mess: Explode during Mayoral run-off? Cable & Web

LORI LIGHTFOOT promised December 9, 2018 on Flannery, 2018 on Flannery on Fire NOT to cut ANY pension benefits of ANY retired police, fire, city or labor Chicago Gov’t employees and she was the top vote getter in the February 26, 2019 while maintaining that position. Something to ponder during this month’s Chicago Mayoral run-off... Read more »

Does Gov. Rauner want to govern Illinois? Or, has he become Governor Mush?

Mike Flannery[Fox 32 News]: The Illinois Policy Institute’s John Tillman has told us that billions could be cut appropriately from the state budget, why haven’t you done that? Gov. Rauner: We have cut many hundreds of millions and the reasons for not the rest, I have said. ******************************************** Really, wherever you go, from a Winnetka... Read more »

Is Governor Rauner agnostic on expanding Stop and Frisk in inner cities?

Mike Flannery [WFLD, Fox 32 News, political editor]: Apropos of gun violence, we’ve been told it could be stopped in a week if you started Stop and Frisk. Good idea or bad idea? State Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago): Consider your source [Ed. Note: Presumably, Senator Raoul is referring to Donald Trump, but that’s not quite... Read more »

Playbook: Kirk calls Obama "drug dealer-in-chief"

Presidential Drug-Dealer-in Chief, says Senator Kirk Senator Kirk got the ball rolling, so to speak, by analogizing the President to a drug dealer because of the unseemly appearance of the U. S. giving $400 million in cash, not a bank transfer, to the Iranians, moments after they released four U. S. hostages. The Obama administration... Read more »

Gov. Rauner to Democrats: Let’s raise taxes, adopt some reforms and help CPS and other low income school districts [watch this]

  So, you don’t believe Rauner said yesterday he wants a tax hike now, as part of an overall … solution involving the state budget, SOME structural reforms and assistance for low income school districts, including Chicago?…Listen to and watch the Governor, in his own words…     What did Governor Rauner really say at yesterday’s press... Read more »

Gov. Rauner says "Significant progress," in negotiations w/ Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton. What are they smoking? Time to fire up the IL budget process?

Flannery video link added at 10:30 am IL Gov. Bruce Rauner: …There are many members in the General Assembly in both parties- both parties–who want reforms… I am cautiously optimistic [But, read the full Q/A below and  Watch here to learn about the non-marijuana “Alternate realities,”  inhabited by President Cullerton and Gov. Rauner] . The... Read more »

Watch Governor Rauner answer questions from the Chicago media 200 days ago. Better then or Better now? Web and Cable

Tonight’s Chicago Metro north and northwest suburban episode of Public Affairs features then Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner, with an introduction by show host Jeff Berkowitz, covering the top five things you should know about Bruce Rauner (Go here to read about these Top 5 items). The introduction by show host Berkowitz includes predictions, as of November 6, 2014,... Read more »

Chuy edges out Rahm for a debate win tonight: Watch it on WFLD, Fox 32 tonight at 9 pm; Debate Analysis at 10 pm on Fox 32

The Chicago Mayor’s race, with 12 days left until the April 7, 2015 Mayor’s election is still Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s to lose. Rahm started out ahead, on February 24, with about a 12 point lead, 46 to 34. Rahm won the first debate, NBC-5’s,  10 days ago. But, Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia has perhaps... Read more »

Better than the football bowl games: Gov. Elect Rauner faces Levine, Berkowitz, Thomas, Flannery et al, Cable and Web

Gov. Elect Rauner: … I support charter schools. I also support scholarship/voucher programs …for low income families so their children can attend other schools that maybe fit them better… Tonight’s  Chicago Metro suburban edition of Public Affairs features Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner. The show airs in 24 North and Northwest Chicago Metro suburbs at 8:30 pm... Read more »

Watch Gov.Elect Rauner answer questions from Flannery, Thomas, Levine, Ahearn and Berkowitz, Cable and Web

Rev. Meeks: … I met Bruce Rauner six years ago…we were scheduled to meet for thirty minutes and we ended up meeting for three hours—the meeting was all about education Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner. The show airs throughout the City at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable... Read more »