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Better than Carol Marin w/ CPS CEO Byrd-Bennett: Berkowitz w/CPS Board Member Andrea Zopp, Cable and Web

Andrea Zopp:… When George Zimmerman decided  to profile and stalk Trayvon Martin, he didn’t know anything about him…. [Martin] was a black kid in a hoodie.  So, absolutely, it could have been the President [35 years ago]. He was profiled, stalked and shot. Trayvon Martin, because he was a young African-Anerican. So, absolutely, it could... Read more »

Can the IL 2nd Cong. District front-runner Democratic Party Primary Candidates run but not hide?

We are gearing up now for coverage of the February 26, 2013 Special Election Democratic and Republican Party primaries to replace Junior in the IL 2nd Cong. District.  Isn’t it about time the 2nd CD had a real U. S. Representative– I mean really, Gus Savage, Mel Reynolds, Jesse Jackson, Jr.? What were the voters... Read more »

Better than partying on New Year's Eve: Berkowitz with 2nd CD candidate Rev. Pickens, Cable and Web

Rev. Larry Pickens (D-Calumet Heights, 2nd CD): I think [school vouchers-school choice] needs to be part of the discussion… *********************************** Rev. Pickens: [I  want to tell the voters that] I am a lawyer who understands law making but I am also a pastor who is able to respond to needs in a specific way… ****************************************************... Read more »

Better than Modern Family: Berkowitz w/ 2nd CD Dem Candidate Rev. Pickens on jobs, education and Sen. Trotter's arrest- Cable and Web

Can the 2nd Cong. District become a developed country now that Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr., who was obsessed for almost two decades with building a third airport on the far south side,  has left Congress?   Should kids in failing public schools in the 2nd CD get a shot at life,  not being shot  and... Read more »