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Watch Berkowitz w/ IL House Republican Leader Durkin on Rauner's Turnaround Agenda and the IL State Budget Impasse, Cable and Web

Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin:  …If the Democrats want revenue, they need to get reforms passed first. I am always going to keep an open mind to any proposal from the Democrats. But. … Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin.   The show airs throughout the... Read more »

President Cullerton: The Cullerton-Rauner pension reform legislation is alive and well

Video and audio link to President Cullerton’s remarks and audience Q/A added at 9:45 am on Tuesday, see below. The nature of yesterday’s press conference with Senate President Cullerton [which followed City Club of Chicago President Jay Doherty’s intro, Cullerton’s remarks on IL K-12 state, public school funding and audience Q/A] was such that most... Read more »

Five easy questions for Senate President Cullerton on pension reform at today’s City Club of Chicago lunch program

Today is D Day for Senate President John Cullerton on pension reform. When he speaks before the City Club of Chicago at a luncheon program today, the President should set out with specificity [See questions, below] where he stands on Gov. Rauner’s proposal for pension reform, as stated by the Governor in his press conference... Read more »

Left Wing "Politics Tonight" w/ Lisnek and Pearson—WTF, WGN’s Lisnek blames the State Budget impasse on Gov. Rauner’s “Social Agenda.”

Left Wing "Politics Tonight" w/ Lisnek and Pearson—WTF, WGN’s Lisnek blames the State Budget impasse on Gov. Rauner’s “Social Agenda.”
Text revised, primarily for syntax, on Saturday at 11:15 pm. Watching left wing Politics Tonight last night [M-F, 5:30 pm and 10 pm, on CLTV, step-child of WGN], it was sad to see that WGN continues to put up with so much left-wing bias from it’s host, Paul Lisnek. –Paul Lisnek, a social and economic... Read more »

Standing in for the out of state Gov. Rauner are Berkowitz and Dan Proft, telling you what the Turnaround Agenda is really about. Cable/Web

Dan Proft: …The conversation we should be having is about re-thinking how and where we  spend 85% of Illinois’ state government cash… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Dan Proft, WIND 560 AM Radio Morning co-anchor (5 to 9 am).  The show w/Proft airs throughout the City at 8:30 pm and midnight on... Read more »

A Rich Miller Christmas primer: Speaker Madigan, Gov. Rauner, The Turnaround Agenda and the Illinois Budget Impasse

Capitolfax’s rendition of  Twas the night before Christmas: On Chicago’s south and west sides… there is “some very bad stuff going on” ...  Illinois needs some basic business reforms and there most likely won’t be an Illinois general tax increase before the 2016 General Election ******************* Introduction Rich Miller, publisher and writer of the IL... Read more »

Better than a Clinton-Biden debate on wiping Hillary's server clean: Berkowitz w/David Melton on a Madigan-Rauner deal, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: …So, the [IL House] Speaker controls 71 [out of 118 total ] votes in the State House, right? David Melton: Well, the Speaker [Mike Madigan] has 71 people in his [Democratic Party] Caucus, I’m not sure if he controls 71 votes  Berkowitz: Well, everybody but Jack Franks and whose the guy? Scott Drury…[cont.... Read more »

Watch Governor Rauner answer questions from the Chicago media 200 days ago. Better then or Better now? Web and Cable

Tonight’s Chicago Metro north and northwest suburban episode of Public Affairs features then Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner, with an introduction by show host Jeff Berkowitz, covering the top five things you should know about Bruce Rauner (Go here to read about these Top 5 items). The introduction by show host Berkowitz includes predictions, as of November 6, 2014,... Read more »

More informative than Republican Leader Jim Durkin w/Eddie Arruza on Chicago Tonight: Berkowitz w/ State Rep. Tom Morrison (Part 1), Cable and Web

  Tonight’s Chicago  Metro suburban edition of  of Public Affairs features State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) in Part 1 of our two part series.  You can also watch the program with Rep. Morrison 24/7 by clicking here.   Tonight’s show is an encore performance of a show taped in early April, 2015.  Nothing has changed in Springfield in... Read more »

Better than Chicago Tonight's Phil Ponce w/ the newly minted CT correspondent Amanda Vanicky: Berkowitz w/ State Rep. Tom Morrison, Cable and Web

Despite media reports to the contrary, Illinois’ Fiscal 2016 budget deficit is only about four billion dollars. Can the Governor and the legislature come up with four billion dollars in revenue increases, spending cuts and savings from the Governor’s proposed Turnaround Agenda reforms? Because almost 75% of the Illinois budget (General Revenue Fund) is consumed by Medicaid,... Read more »