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Better than Stephanopoulos w/Austan Goolsbee: Berkowitz w/Prof. Luigi Zingales, on Cable and the web

Professor Luigi Zingales: You know, I think that if you are Greece, and you are dramatically capping government expenditure because you have to fix the budget, will this decrease GDP? Absolutely. If that is Keynesian economics, Keynesian economics is right. But, if you think you can bring prosperity by spending more, Greece would be the... Read more »

Getting to know Presidential contender Governor Tim Pawlenty

Is Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), 50, a serious candidate for President? At this point in the game, none are more so than former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Pawlenty.  Romney, Pawlenty baggage Romney has an advantage over Pawlenty on net worth (about $500 million), donor list and name recognition. But, Pawlenty has less baggage than... Read more »