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Berkowitz w Marilyn Katz on advising Mayor Lightfoot on how to fix Chicago: Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Marilyn Katz, President, MK Communications, giving succinct but wise advice to Mayor-Elect Lightfoot on how to fix all of Chicago’s ills. For once, show host Berkowitz smartly took a back seat to his guest and took copious notes on Marilyn’s advice. The new Chicago mayor and... Read more »

Chicago mayoral election heating up? Watch Bob Fioretti accuse Toni Preckwinkle of judicial candidate shakedowns.

Along comes Toni’s mayoral opponent, Bob Fioretti, who claims the slating committee, under Preckwinkle’s and Berrios’ supervision… has been shaking down for 50K each, judicial candidates who wanted to be and were slated. And, Fioretti essentially fingers Toni as dirty. Take a read, below, or Watch the Fioretti 60 second conversation accusing Preckwinkle of a... Read more »

Better than Tonite’s Serafin Party;Berkowitz w/ABC-7 News' Charles Thomas on Journalism:Cable & Web

Journalists could have reported on sexual assault allegations about Judge Kavanaugh w the perspective of Scottsboro Boys & Emmet Till events but that would not have fit the  mostly left wing, biased MSM narrative… Also discussed is the 2019 Chicago Mayor’s race– Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Vallas, McCarthy, Daley, Wilson,  Enyia, Chico, Lightfoot, Brown… Tonight’s Chicago Metro... Read more »

Will Chicago Treasurer Summers run for Mayor? As a reformer? Chicago ain't ready for reform, yet? Watch Summers and Obama, on the Web

“Chicago ain’t ready for reform, yet- or for a reform Mayor,” Ald. and saloon keeper Paddy Bauler (43rd Ward, Chicago), 1955, celebrating Mayor Richard J. Daley’s first election to Chicago Mayor Chicago Treasurer Kurt Summers spoke to the City Club of Chicago on Monday, December 11, 2017. You can watch Chicago Treasurer Kurt Summers’ remarks... Read more »

Is the Tribune/Sun-Times' reporting giving aid and comfort to Speaker Madigan’s budget efforts to make Rauner a one term Governor?

Senate President Cullerton now wants Gov. Rauner to support piece meal K-12 Education, Human Services and Higher Education appropriations…Cullerton might just as well ask Gov. Rauner to chair Senator Heather Steans’ (53, Princeton, Harvard, Lake Forest born and Trustee of Steans Family Foundation) 2018 gubernatorial election committee [Watch 2009 Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago)  deal with... Read more »

Ten key things to know about Rahm's appointment of Forrest Claypool to CPS CEO and the four amigos: Emanuel, Axelrod, Claypool and Obama. Watch Claypool on Web

So, TV show host Berkowitz asked Forrest Claypool in May, 2008… why his amigo, Barack Obama, couldn’t see fit to support reform over patronage, inefficency and corruption… 10. This reporter once said to Forrest Claypool in one of his five appearances on “Public Affairs,”  “You could be a Republican- you are such a believer in... Read more »

The Killing: The top five reasons why justice won’t be done this afternoon at 26th and Cal.

5. Cook County Ethics 101:  State’s Attorney Alvarez wants to investigate herself.  Lawyers for the family of David Koschman are asking Judge Toomin today (Cook County Criminal Courthouse, 26th and California, courtroom 101, 2:00 pm) to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the circumstances of 21 year old David Koschman’s death, days after being punched... Read more »

Off and running for Mayor of Chicago: The top ten candidates to replace Daley in 2011.

The top ten candidates likely to run and win the race for Mayor of Chicago in 2011 are listed below. None of these individuals has said he will run, but they all are likely to give the race careful consideration now that Mayor Richard M. Daley has indicated he will not run for re-election.  These ten... Read more »