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Berkowitz w/ Chi Mayoral Candidate Brown on Rahm's handling of the McDonald police shooting death & more, Cable&Web

Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown: What’s interesting is how many police officers [12 to 14] showed up [for Laquan McDonald] and he didn’t have a gun and he had a little…pen knife and he didn’t have a lot of clothes on to shield… Jeff Berkowitz: Would you give [Carol Marin & me] your pledge that you... Read more »

Watch Heather Mac Donald, author of "The War on Cops," tonight on "Public Affairs," Cable/Web

You can watch, 24/7, Heather Mac Donald, author of the recent, extremely topical, best selling book, “The War on Cops,” interviewed by “Public Affairs,” show host Jeff Berkowitz, by clicking here:  Public Affairs, featuring Heather Mac Donald, a senior fellow at the free market oriented Manhattan Institute, also airs: —Tonight at 8:30 pm and midnight... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel and Budget Director Alex Holt answering questions from Thomas, Dardick, Spielman, Berkowitz, et al

–Mayor Emanuel responding to media at the City Club of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel:[after explaining to the media that he had no choice but to increase real estate taxes]  …now, in each of [the City Pension funds] we made sure in a different way that workers have to start paying for their pensions. They’re going... Read more »

A $7 billion dollar IL budget deficit-- why should the Speaker care? It is Rauner’s government, deficit and failure, as the Speaker will spin it in 2018

–Speaker Madigan, once again, has been playing cat and mouse with an IL Governor  Yesterday, Speaker Madigan passed a fiscal 2017 budget, firing the first shot in the 2018 gubernatorial campaign.  Governor Rauner promised, during the 2014 campaign, to turn Springfield upside down.But so far, it is  Governor Rauner who has been turned upside down,... Read more »

Is Mayor Rahm Emanuel fiddling while Chicago burns?

This is a public letter to Chicago’s 2nd term Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Dear Mr. Mayor, Do you only do campaigns and not government?  That is what your good friend and mine, Democratic Party campaign comsultant Pete Giangreco, brags he does. But, unlike Pete, you were elected Chicago Mayor in 2011 to accomplish, via government, certain... Read more »

Ten key things to know about Rahm's appointment of Forrest Claypool to CPS CEO and the four amigos: Emanuel, Axelrod, Claypool and Obama. Watch Claypool on Web

So, TV show host Berkowitz asked Forrest Claypool in May, 2008… why his amigo, Barack Obama, couldn’t see fit to support reform over patronage, inefficency and corruption… 10. This reporter once said to Forrest Claypool in one of his five appearances on “Public Affairs,”  “You could be a Republican- you are such a believer in... Read more »

Ald.[Anybody but Rahm] Fioretti endorses Rahm Emanuel and denies a quid pro quo for his endorsement

Jeff Berkowitz: Alderman, didn’t you say, “Anybody but Rahm,” before February 24. Anybody but Rahm. Didn’t you say that? Mayor Emanuel held a press conference with Ald. Fioretti yesterday afternoon at Nia restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop to showcase Ald. [and former Chicago mayoral candidate] Bob  Fioretti’s endorsement of Mayor Emanuel.   Ald. Fioretti has... Read more »

Berkowitz calls the winner tonight of the Feb. 24 Chicago Mayoral election: Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features a virtual discussion by show host Berkowitz with the four major candidates running in the Chicago Mayoral election on February 24, 2015. The show airs at 8:30 pm and midnight throughout the City of Chicago. The show also airs tonight and Wednesday night at 8:30 pm... Read more »

Better than OSU v. Oregon: Watch Mayor Emanuel's guys (Negron and Bouman) play TV economists, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs airs throughout the City at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV]. The show features a discussion of the impact of Chicago’s new minimum wage ordinance on unemployment by show host Jeff Berkowitz, Michael Negron- Mayor Emanuel’s Policy Chief and John Bouman– President of the... Read more »

Will Mayor Emanuel decide to oppose minimum wage increases after watching tonight’s suburban episode of Public Affairs, on web and cable?

With such a smart city, wouldn’t you think the Mayor would charge his working group with deciding if the “Science” suggests we would benefit our city as a whole by raising, lowering or keeping the minimum wage the same? ***************************************** Tonight’s suburban episode of Public Affairs, featuring Economics Professor Allen  Sanderson,  focuses on the impact... Read more »