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Gov. Kasich’s strategic plan to become President, as told by Kasich IL Campaign Co-chair Pat Brady

Jeff Berkowitz: So, where does your guy (Gov. Kasich) go?  What does your guy do? What’s his plan? Pat Brady: He just goes state by state, picking up as many delegates, as he can. Berkowitz: He can’t do state by state, he doesn’t have time. He’s got 22 states left. Brady: If you don’t want... Read more »

And then there were Three: Trump, Cruz and Kasich or Two: Trump and Cruz

–Revised and links added at 5 pm on Wednesday 2016– A very unusual Republican Presidential race Obviously, the 2016 Republican Presidential race is quite unorthodox. Starting with 17 candidates is very unusual. –The starting field Further, the field was fairly strong, having a number of governors and former governors, e.g., Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin,... Read more »

Is the Cruz campaign dead if Trump wins Ohio and will Trump win Ohio?

Jeff  Berkowitz: Senator, are you urging the voters of Ohio to support and vote for John Kasich because if Kasich doesn’t win Ohio and Trump does, you’re dead, aren’t you? Senator Cruz: I am not remotely. I am urging the voters of Ohio, Florida and Illinois and Missouri and North Carolina—I am urging the voters... Read more »

Five Takeaways from the Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii Republican Primaries, as the Trump-Cruz showdown continues

5. Donald Trump won a plurality of the votes in Michigan (38%), Mississippi(48%) and Hawaii (43%).  To win the nomination on the first ballot at the National Convention, he needs to win 53% of the remaining votes.  To date, Trump has won 14 of the 22 states that have held primaries or caucuses and more... Read more »

Kansas, Maine, Kentucky and Louisiana-- and then there were two, a Trump-Cruz showdown

On Saturday, Rubio averaged 14 points in the four state contests. If Cruz is right about winning most of the Rubio votes, Cruz would have swept all four states– if Rubio had been out of the race. ..When it comes to delegate math and margin of victory, size  matters…Cruz might start calling Trump “Little Donald.”... Read more »

Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz unmasks Donald Trump, while the Texas Senator is stomping in Maine

Amended at 11:35 pm on Friday to include information and links re Senator Cruz, Heidi Cruz, Donald Trump and Gov. John Kasich speaking this coming week in the Chicago Metro area; links re Trump’s presser in Chicago in June, 2015, the Republican Party’s attempt to block Trump’s hostile takeover of the Party and what Trump... Read more »

The Republican Party’s last clear chance to block Trump’s hostile takeover

If on March 13… it looks like Trump is likely to win the Ohio Primary on March 15, beating Kasich 42 % to 35 %, Cruz and Rubio should each direct their supporters to vote for Kasich… ************************ Due to businessman/entertainer/celebrity Donald Trump’s big-time victories in Republican primaries and caucuses so far (Trump has won... Read more »

Does Trump really not know about David Duke, the KKK and White Supremacists? Did Trump choke? Did he lie?

–-Some relevant questions for Citizen Trump Do we expect our presidential candidates to have a certain awareness of the world around them? Should they know about the Ku Klux Klan? White Supremacists? Anti-Semitism? Anti-black? Black Lives Matter? Is Trump qualified to be President.  Does he have the necessary knowledge base?  The necessary faculties? Historical context... Read more »

Christie endorses Trump as Rubio and Trump square off for Republican nomination

So Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL)  decided last night was the time to finally go negative on Trump at the Republican presidential debate in Houston, and they both fired from either side at Trump in the middle, who everyone could see was a bit flustered– as Trump begged CNN’s moderator Wolf Blitzer,... Read more »

South Carolina's Republican Primary Takeaway: Are Trump, Rubio and Cruz on the way to a deadlocked Republican National Convention?

In the first two primaries and first caucus, Trump has averaged 30% of the popular vote, well short of the 45% popular vote estimated by Fund as necessary to win the nomination. –And Then There Were Three South Carolina confirmed what we all knew before Saturday’s Republican Primary.  There are only three candidates who have... Read more »