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Seven things you should know about last night’s third and final IL Governor’s race debate

The prize for the dumbest answer of the night goes to Gov. Pat Quinn.  ABC-7 News’ Charles Thomas  asked Gov. Quinn why blacks should support him —in light of the very high unemployment, lack of business investment and awful performance of public schools in black areas… 7. Rauner won the third Governor’s debate (Sponsored by ABC-7... Read more »

Should WTTW be renamed LTTL (Liberals talking to liberals)? Where’s the ideological balance?

That omission is not too surprising when you have your hired staff and management all drink from the same idea pool.  Looking out of the window to WTTW’s world, it appears to WTTW’s staff that all right thinking individuals support abortion, gun control, same sex marriage, more government spending and higher taxes.  And married pols... Read more »

Better than President Obama on Trayvon Martin: Berkowitz with President Broy on Charter Schools, School Vouchers and saving Mayor Emanuel, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Andrew Broy, President of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools. The show  airs throughout the city at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV). What the debate and discussion by President Broy with show host Jeff Berkowitz demonstrates is the power of an idea [School Choice]... Read more »

Laura Washington goes toe to toe w/Berkowitz on Cable and the Web on high tech lynchings, helping minorities and Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Laura Washington [Chicago Sun-Times and ABC-7]: We’re talking thirty-forty years that this has been going on, and this has been happening in every community in the country.  Not just in Chicago.  We’ve had Republican Administrations; we’ve had Democratic Administrations over the last thirty-forty years. [Watch Washington v. Berkowitz  here]. Jeff Berkowitz:  Not in Chicago. Laura... Read more »

Better than Chris Wallace with Keith Olbermann: Berkowitz with Jennifer Granholm on the Web and Cable

This week’s suburban edition of “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” features Jennifer Granholm, Democratic Governor of Michigan from 2002 to 2010.   The show with the outspoken, articulate, attractive, good-natured and Harvard Law School trained nationally influential Democrat airs tonight on Comcast  in 24 north and northwest Chicago Metro suburbs and on Wed-Friday of this week... Read more »