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Better than Bill O'Reilly w/Barack Obama: Berkowitz w/ Ed Choice Illinois' Myles Mendoza on fixing public education, Cable and soon on Web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Myles Mendoza, Executive Director of Ed Choice Illinois. The program airs in its usual 8:30 pm time slot in 24 North and Northwest Chicago Metro suburbs (See below). Myles Mendoza debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz how to give more choice to... Read more »

Better than Monday night football: Berkowitz w/pundit Robling on Emanuel's failed performance and the four failing campaigns of the Republican Primary Gov candidates, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago and North Shore editions of “Public Affairs,”  with show host Jeff Berkowitz features Chris Robling, former Executive Director of the Cook County GOP and media mogul, moderator and political pundit at WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio and many other media outlets.  Chris also interviewed a few years ago President George W. Bush... Read more »

Better than Beyonce singing the National Anthem: Berkowitz w/IMSA President McGee on empowering minority families and pols w/blood on their hands, Cable and Web

On the day that Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the Harvard Law Review and the first African-American President of the United States, and a former eight year IL state senator (and 4 year U.S. Senator) who prided himself on passing what he viewed as 25 significant pieces of legislation in the IL General... Read more »

Better than Berkowitz w/Obama and Romney: Berkowitz w/Robin Steans on Public School performance- Web/Cable

“I asked her (Janis Joplin) for some happy news but she just smiled and turned away.”  American Pie Jeff Berkowitz, host of “Public Affairs,” asked Robin Steans, Executive Director of Advance Illinois, for some news but she just smiled pretty and gave it to him straight. Across the State of Illinois, only about one third of... Read more »

Better than Monday night football: Berkowitz with Handy on School vouchers-school choice and CTU strike, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of  ”Public Affairs,” features Jessica Handy, Policy Director of Stand for Children, IL. The show airs across the City at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV),  Handy debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz the efficacy of Chicago Public School Reform from 1995 to 2012, charter schools and school... Read more »

Better than Monday night Football: John Russell's story of hope, growth and opportunity for kids leaving CPS, on Cable/Web

Opportunity Scholarships awarded to low income Chicago students by Freedom to Learn, IL.  Students sing, as they leave failing CPS, “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, Free at last.” *********************************************************************** This week’s Chicago and suburban editions of Public Affairs features John Russell, Founder of Freedom to Learn, IL, debating and discussing how... Read more »

Today’s wuss of the day? Mayor Rahm Emanuel-- who would have thunk it?

Yeah, Rahm Emanuel, the guy known for his clanking as he walked the halls of congress. Yup, Rahm Emanuel, former hard-charging leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, who turned the House blue in 2006. Yes, Rahm Emanuel, the guy who President Obama tapped to shepherd his $800 billion stimulus program thru Congress and the... Read more »

Better than Scott Pelley with Mitt Romney: Berkowitz w/ Fox Chicago’s Mike Flannery on Cable and the Web

Mike Flannery [Fox Chicago Political Editor]: And, I understand why [Mayor Emanuel] backed off; It would have been a court fight…the Mayor and the Board of Education have the power to order teachers to work a longer day… so the teachers have to do that, but they’re able to bargain over money… ************************************************** The “Public Affairs show,”... Read more »

Better than Charlie Rose with Nicole Kidman: watch Berkowitz w/ Fox Chicago News' Mike Flannery on Cable and Charlotte’s Web

Mike Flannery [Fox Chicago News]: …But, to say that [the teachers’ unions] are not thinking about the kids and to say that ideas like that—to delegitimize everything that the union or [its President] Karen Lewis proposes—I think is just wrongheaded. And, it’s wrong. Jeff Berkowitz: Look what they’ve done, Mike, [the teachers’ unions] have never... Read more »

Better than Marin w/Mayor Emanuel: Berkowitz w/John Tillman on the web and cable

September 6, 2011. John Tillman: [Mayor Emanuel] should totally open up vouchers…if he wants to hold the CPS and their teachers…accountable, the best way to hold them accountable is to take away their monopoly control of children’s lives and let private providers compete with the public [school] monopoly through [school] vouchers, a bill that we... Read more »
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