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Rauner Watch, Part 1: Chicago Tribune, w/an assist from ABC-7 news, hijacks Rauner’s press conference, taking its cue from Quinn’s attack dog-- Paul Vallas

If you read this morning’s print version of the Chicago Tribune, on Page 4 you see the headline, “Rauner tries to link death to Quinn.” [The online version of the article is here, but the headline and other portions have been modified slightly from that of the print version] The article goes on to explain that... Read more »

Better than Dancing with the Stars: Berkowitz w/ State Rep. Candidate Bednar (R- Mundelein) on same sex marriage, other legislative issues and Faux Republicans, Web and Cable

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban and tomorrow’s North Shore suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features State Rep. Candidate Bob Bednar (R-Mundelein, 51st Dist.) You can also watch the Public Affairs show featuring candidate Bednar on the Public Affairs you tube page. State Rep. Candidate Bednar discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz his Republican Primary... Read more »

Better than Charlie Rose w/Rahm Emanuel: Berkowitz w/CPS Board Member Andrea Zopp- Hypocrisy and her choice to exit CPS? Web and Cable

Andrea Zopp: we have the loss of the public education system. That’s what we… lose. Jeff Berkowitz: Aren’t the kids in the public school system more important than the public school system? Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz features Andrea Zopp, Member of the Chicago Public School Board of Education... Read more »

Better than March Madness: Berkowitz w/eclectic and eccentric 2nd CD R nominee Paul McKinley, web and cable

Paul McKinley [2nd Cong. District Republican nominee to replace Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr.]: [The choice] is between Rahm Caligulus Emanuel and the King of New York [Mayor Bloomberg] because she [2nd Cong. District Democratic Party nominee Robin Kelly] is a flunky for them… I am running against a [a machine]. .. ************************************* Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public... Read more »

Better than Berkowitz w/Robin Kelly: Berkowitz w/2nd CD Republican nominee McKinley, Web and Cable

Paul McKinley [2nd Cong. District Repubican nominee]: ... the children that are getting killed in Chicago are [the direct responsibility of] the people that’s in charge: Speaker Mike Madigan, Governor [Quinn] and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. ************************************* Tonight’s suburban edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz, the only weekly, 30 minute, serious, one on one political economy interview... Read more »

More important than Preckwinkle's endorsement in 2nd CD Democratic Primary: Berkowitz w/Dem 2nd CD Candidate Rev. Anthony Williams and Republican 2nd CD candidate McAllister, cable and web

Revised and supplemented on Tuesday, 7:15 pm.  A big deal that Preckwinkle endorsed 2nd CD candidate State Senator Toi Hutchinson yesterday? Of course not, nobody cares much about what  Preckwinkle thinks about the 2nd CD. Why should they? As if Preckwinkle would know anything about the 2nd Congressional District or the issues important to that... Read more »

And then there were six: Sen.Trotter trots out of the 2nd CD race.

With State Sen. Donne Trotter backing out yesterday of the 2nd CD race to replace the “purportedly bi-polar,” ethically, marriage vows and legally challenged Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Third Airport), that leaves six major 2nd CD candidates in the Democratic  Primary (based on Money, Organization, Message, Political History and Base)– listed below in rough order... Read more »

Better than Modern Family: Berkowitz w/ 2nd CD Dem Candidate Rev. Pickens on jobs, education and Sen. Trotter's arrest- Cable and Web

Can the 2nd Cong. District become a developed country now that Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr., who was obsessed for almost two decades with building a third airport on the far south side,  has left Congress?   Should kids in failing public schools in the 2nd CD get a shot at life,  not being shot  and... Read more »

Berkowitz predicts the winners: Sheyman, Romney, Pucinski, Duckworth, et al

Public Affairs” Jeff Berkowitz calls the 2012 Primary winners: 10th CD Democratic Primary, Ilya  Sheyman IL Republican Presidential Primary, Mitt Romney 8th CD Democratic Primary, Tammy Duckworth 2nd CD Democratic Primary, Jesse Jackson, Jr. 16th CD Republican Primary, Adam Kinzinger IL State Supreme Court Democratic Primary, Aurelia Pucinski Circuit Court Clerk of Cook County Democratic... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel and Jesse Jackson, Jr. pull Blagojevich's fat out of the fire by testifying?

As almost every mainstream media member (MSM) is now reporting, reliable sources indicate that Defendant Rod Blagojevich will call Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr.(D-2nd Cong. Dist., Chicago) and Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D- Lakeview) to take the stand  on Wednesday to anchor Blago’s defense of the federal public corruption charges for which the former Governor was arrested... Read more »