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As Lon Monk sings at Blagojevich retrial, does Rod Blagojevich go down for the count?

As I wrote here, political corruption quid pro quos often are heard to prove because those involved in auctioning off state action benefits know better than to connect the state action they are offering with the campaign contributions they want. In other words, it pays to have a little finesse if you want to avoid successful... Read more »

The Rod Blagojevich retrial: Five easy pieces of government/politics or five illegal quid pro quos?

In the ninth day of the Blagojevich retrial, the jury heard yesterday from witnesses dealing with three of the major quid pro quos being alleged in the government’s case: an increase in the state’s pediatric rates of reimbursement for doctors at Children’s Memorial Hospital, multi-billion dollar state spending programs for road builders and state funding... Read more »

Tomorrow morning's cross examination of John Wyma- can Rod Blagojevich score some points?

      John Wyma, facing an investigation in 2008 into his dealings as a lobbyist with close ties to Governor Blagojevich and Blago insiders, decided to cut a deal with the Feds in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Smart move. The deal to provide information about his longtime friend, Blagojevich, which Wyma described as a “horrible... Read more »

The John Wyma-Rod Blagojevich relationship: A retrial winning argument for Blago?

John Wyma, now portrayed as a D. C.  lobbyist, perhaps knew Rod Blagojevich as well as anybody as Blagojevich rose in political power and Wyma became wealthy from that connection.  After working and socializing with Rod and profiting from his relationship with him all those years, Wyma decided to cooperate with the Feds.  But, did... Read more »