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Dold the winner in IL 10th CD

With 92% of the vote in, Robert Dold is winning the IL Tenth Congressional District by about 4,000 votes, or 52% to 48%. ¬†This is a district that the Republicans ¬†held from 1979 to 2012, via John Porter, Mark Kirk and for the last two years of that 33 year time interval– it was held... Read more »

Is Dold (R) the logical Fall winner in the IL 10th CD? Or, is the third time the charm for Seals (D)?

Bob Dold, the 10th Cong. District Republican Party nominee, comes across as someone who is on an “even keel,” all the time. The no drama Dold, so to speak.  That temperament may have started with his strong but balanced academic background, which includes a Kenilworth grade school, New Trier High School, an undergraduate degree from... Read more »