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Top Ten things to know about President Trump's first 92 days in office.

10. Respect for America and its willingness to project military strength are back. The strike in Syria two weeks ago against Assad did that. To his credit, President Obama’s caution kept the U. S. far away from a 2 $ trillion, 6000 casualty, 50,000 severe injuries, 15 year wasteful war like the Iraq War. But... Read more »

Obama commits military to further involvement in Iraq as he tries to "Be careful getting out."

—President Obama commits 300 Military Advisers to fight ISIS in Iraq Facing an American public who has lost confidence in his ability to lead (54% disapprove of his leadership abroad) and not wanting to see Iraq fall “On his watch,” President Obama sought, in a press conference today (around noon CST), to get back in... Read more »