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Who engineered the deepening of Illinois' nuclear winter w/the passing of a $5 billion tax increase?

Revised slightly on Wednesday at 9:15 am As Dan Proft used to argue, we don’t need to fix Illinois. In Illinois, “The fix is in,” and “We need to stop the politicians from inflicting that fix on the taxpayers.” Now, the Republican base is looking at Rauner, Durkin, Brady, Rep. Judas Andersson (The R House... Read more »

Gov. Emasculated or Gov. No new taxes unless we get real reforms? Will the real Gov. Rauner stand up?

In the words of Dirty Harry, the 23 Republican  legislators who supported on Friday the Madigan fiscal 2018 spending resolution  need to ask themselves the same question the perp was asked by Harry as the perp started to reach for a gun…“I bet you are wondering, did he fire six shots or only five…you’ve got... Read more »

Who has the answer to Illinois' budget woes? Speaker Madigan, Gov. Rauner or Ted Dabrowski? Cable/Web

And, if you miss tonight’s TV show with Dabrowski on balancing the State budget with no new taxes  (See, below), you can watch it 24/7 here. Dem Narrative The State of Illinois is at a crossroads, so to speak. It has now gone two years without a budget.  The Democratic Party narrative is that when... Read more »

Gov. Rauner's fork in the road? Will he move left or right on the Cullerton-Radogno proposed massive tax increase?

Which proposal will Rauner support? The Illinois Policy Institute’s proposed State Budget [w/no new taxes]? Or, the Cullerton-Radogno budget compromise [w/massive new taxes]?  ********** Yesterday was Governor Rauner’s day to deliver the State of the State [Watch it here]. So, it was not surprising that he focused on his accomplishments, at least in the first... Read more »

Gov. Rauner to Speaker Madigan: Negotiate a budget and some reforms now-- or else!!

The Governor and the four Democratic and Republican legislative leaders were in the same room yesterday in Springfield for about a half hour.  But, in reality, there were two gladiators pitted against each other, and the other three were there to watch the backs of the primary protagonists. –The Two Gladiators    First and foremost,... Read more »

President Cullerton: The Cullerton-Rauner pension reform legislation is alive and well

Video and audio link to President Cullerton’s remarks and audience Q/A added at 9:45 am on Tuesday, see below. The nature of yesterday’s press conference with Senate President Cullerton [which followed City Club of Chicago President Jay Doherty’s intro, Cullerton’s remarks on IL K-12 state, public school funding and audience Q/A] was such that most... Read more »

Gov. Rauner's Turnaround Agenda and the State Budget Impasse: Berkowitz w/IL Republican House Leader Durkin, Cable and Web

Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin:  …If the Democrats want revenue, they need to get reforms passed first. I am always going to keep an open mind to any proposal from the Democrats. But. … Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin.   The show airs throughout the... Read more »

State Rep. Morrison leads into Fox News Sunday this morning in Chicago and around the State: Watch State employee pension reform debated on Cable and the Web

The episode of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz featuring State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) has been airing this week and will continue to air through this Monday around the State of Illinois on the IllinoisChannel. You can also watch the show featuring Rep. Morrison 24/7 at the Public Affairs youtube page or at the Illinois... Read more »

Better than Speaker Madigan's proposal for Pension Reform: Berkowitz w/the Policy Institute's Ted Dabrowski (Pension reform)on Cable/Web

Tonight’s suburban edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz, the only weekly, 30 minute, serious, one on one political economy interview TV show in the Chicago Metro area, features Ted Dabrowski, VP, Policy, the Illinois Policy institute, debating and discussing how to fix the state employee pension mess in a way that keeps the state... Read more »

Better than last night's Carol Marin discussion w/Raoul, Biss, Nekritz and Sandack: Berkowitz w/Rep. Durkin discussing the latest news on state employee pension reform and a possible run by Durkin for AG

In a show taped on Saturday,  Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz debates and discusses with State Rep. Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) the different state employee pension reform bills that passed out of the House (primary sponsors Cross, Nekritz and Biss) and Senate (primary backer– Cullerton), respectively, and which of those bills might or should... Read more »