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Way better than Chicago Tonight's biased, unfair and dull interview with new State GOP Chair Tim Schneider, Berkowitz w/ MSNBC's Perry Bacon on Mid-Term U. S. Senate races, Web and Cable

Perry Bacon: ...the sort of dark horse [Republican nominee for President] people are talking about now is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin… **************************************** Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features MSNBC political analyst Perry Bacon.  Bacon analyzes the more than dozen 2014 hotly contested Senate races, giving his prediction of whether the... Read more »

The top ten reasons why Paul Ryan won the 2012 VP debate.

Not only did the below statements and actions help bring independents to Romney-Ryan, but they helped set or reinforce the foundation for Romney’s arguments in the second Presidential debate, scheduled for this coming Tuesday night. We just had an ambassador and three other Americans killed in Libya. That doesn’t happen everyday. And, Joe Biden lied... Read more »

Round 5, Time to leave Afghanistan? 9-9 tie.

Round 5, Time to leave Afghanistan? 9 to 9 tie. Ryan:  we agree with Obama general time line to leave Afghanistan, but we don’t it should have been announced– that just tells Taliban they could wait us out. Martha says to Biden– there were military who thought admin timing to leave was political, tied to election. Martha... Read more »

Round 4 of VP debate (Tax and Spend): Ryan 10-Biden 9

Round 4, tax and spend, 10 minutes: Ryan, 10-Biden 9 Paul Ryan outlines tax plan, cut marginal tax rates, remove some deductions– just as Reagan did. Biden has no answer, other than to say Reagan had specifics and Romney doesn’t

Round 3 in VP debate, Medicare, ( 10 minutes), Ryan 10-9.

Round 3, Medicare ( 10 minutes), Ryan 10-9. Again, poorly framed questions and poor moderation, so hard for anyone’s minds to be changed. 44%  will like Biden, 44% will like Ryan, and 12% independents will be confused. Biden says don’t reform medicare, leave it the same. Ryan, this is what politicians do when they don’t... Read more »

Round 1 (25 minutes) goes to Cong. Ryan, 10-9 over Biden

Round 1 of VP Debate: goes to Cong. Paul Ryan on Iran, Murder of our ambassador, general Obama foreign policy assessment; Biden more words but fewer good arguments. Biden just doesn’t have foreign policy facts on his side.   Martha Raddatz has no idea how to moderate this debate.  This is basically Biden and Ryan trading... Read more »