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Better than Bears v.Packers,Berkowitz w/Ditchdigger CEO Rabine in Chicago, Suburbs & Evanston on business & life: Cable&Web

Tonight’s Public Affairs show with Gary Rabine, CEO [Rabine Group] airs in Chicago, 25 Chicago Metro N & NW suburbs and Evanston, See detailed airing schedule, below  Gary Rabine: If I were born with a few billion dollars, I might be the same way as JB Pritzker, I might be trading businesses. Heck, it’s a... Read more »

Watch Ditch Digger CEO Rabine on free enterprise, IL Gov't & Politics, IL needed fiscal reforms & IL tax burdens: Cable & Web

Gary Rabine [CEO, Rabine Group]: Gov. Pritzker said to me, “Gary, you built all your businesses here, your family is all here, you’re never gonna go anywhere, I mean, that’s exactly how he said it… and God Bless him, if he really believes that that’s the case, but that can’t be the case, I can’t... Read more »