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Trump pivots by aiming his attack in West Bend, Wisconsin at Hillary Clinton and other Democrats?

Donald Trump’s speech last night in West Bend, Wisconsin was the pivot many in the Republican Party have been waiting for since Trump won the Party’s nomination about three months ago. This speech contained themes that the Bushes (GHW, W and Jeb), Ohio Governor John Kasich and 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney should all... Read more »

Palin endorses Trump, the first nail in the Donald’s Iowa caucus coffin?

Today is a good day for Cruz and not so good for Trump.  Trump should remember that time worn wisdom, “Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.”  The Trump campaign in Iowa is about to be trumped by Sarah Palin. Good luck, Donald.      2008 Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin will... Read more »

Fox Business Network winnows Republican presidential field to seven for its January 14 South Carolina debate, excludes Paul & Fiorina from Main Card

Text revised for style on Tuesday at 2:40 am This Thursday night’s debate is likely Carson’s debate swan song.  Good-bye Ben. As Charles Krauthammer said tonight on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Rand Paul got run over by ISIS. If you were scoring the main card debates based on charm… Carly Fiorina was in trouble.... Read more »

Time to prune the Republican presidential field to the top six: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Bush and Kasich

As of today, applying those criteria, the FBC top card debate would winnow the field to 7 candidates: Trump, Cruz, Rubio… Three of the top 6 candidates are on the bubble:  Governor Chris Christie (NJ)… Putting it bluntly, Republicans need to test front runner Trump, to see how he holds up, in front of the... Read more »

What do voters really want? Berkowitz w/WGN TV political analyst Chris Robling, Cable and Web

Chris Robling: …there is prudential judgment– what does that mean? Sometimes [the Republicans] negotiate and sometimes you send a bill to the White House that does want to veto it. Why ? Because, that way you make your point– We support that bill and the White House gets to make its point– We oppose that... Read more »

Better than Trump on Trump: Watch Berkowitz assess the Presidential Candidates and Rand Paul in Niles defending the 4th and 6th Amendments- and cutting taxes, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features U. S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky), who is also a Republican Primary  Presidential candidate.  The show airs tonight at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV] You can also watch the show with Presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul 24/7 by clicking here. The... Read more »

Senator Rand Paul's rally in Niles, IL: Is Senator Paul returning to his libertarian roots?

–Simplifying and reducing taxes Senator Rand Paul [R-Ky], 52, started his rally in Chicago’s Northwest Suburban Niles yesterday in front of a light, but energetic, crowd of about 100 millennials and 150 assorted others with a promise to replace our current 70,000 page  IRS tax code with a 14.5 %  uniform tax rate for every... Read more »

Ten things you should know about Donald Trump's talk to the City Club of Chicago: Bravado, Charmer, Wrong on Immigration/rapists, Univision/NBC, trade tirade

10. The best thing Republican Primary Presidential candidate Donald Trump (Running second in many polls) did yesterday at the City Club of Chicago was to show that “Doggone it, people like him.”  More than 300 people packed Maggiano’s Little Italy on Grand in the Chicago Loop for lunch and laughed with him, not at him... Read more »

Is Governor Scott Walker Pro-Life? Did FNC's Chris Wallace miss his chance to find out?

–The top three Republican Presidential candidates. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is clearly within the top three in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary sweepstakes, along with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and first term Florida U. S. Senator Marco Rubio. Walker is at or near the front of the Republican pack in Iowa and he came... Read more »

Way better than Chicago Tonight's biased, unfair and dull interview with new State GOP Chair Tim Schneider, Berkowitz w/ MSNBC's Perry Bacon on Mid-Term U. S. Senate races, Web and Cable

Perry Bacon: ...the sort of dark horse [Republican nominee for President] people are talking about now is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin… **************************************** Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features MSNBC political analyst Perry Bacon.  Bacon analyzes the more than dozen 2014 hotly contested Senate races, giving his prediction of whether the... Read more »