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Way better than Chicago Tonight's biased, unfair and dull interview with new State GOP Chair Tim Schneider, Berkowitz w/ MSNBC's Perry Bacon on Mid-Term U. S. Senate races, Web and Cable

Perry Bacon: ...the sort of dark horse [Republican nominee for President] people are talking about now is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin… **************************************** Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features MSNBC political analyst Perry Bacon.  Bacon analyzes the more than dozen 2014 hotly contested Senate races, giving his prediction of whether the... Read more »

Better than Jake Tapper w/ Hillary Clinton: Berkowitz w/MSNBC's Perry Bacon on 2016 Presidential race and 2014 key U.S. Senate races, Cable and Web

Perry Bacon [MSNBC]: I assume that’s true…and in that case, it’s a little hard to see anybody knocking [Hillary] off   **************************************** Watch the City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” tonight, featuring MSNBC political analyst Perry Bacon.  Bacon analyzes the more than dozen 2014 hotly contested Senate races, giving his prediction... Read more »

Speaking at UChicago’s Institute of Politics, Senator Santorum still not on a path to the Presidency

[Video links added and edits made at 3:30 pm on Friday] Former two term, Republican U. S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1994-2006), Rick Santorum, spoke to approximately 120 people  (mostly University of Chicago students) last night in Hyde Park at the University of Chicago’s Quadrangle Club  on 57th St., just down the block from the Institute... Read more »

Speaking at UChicago’s Institute of Politics, Five senior personnel predict it is President Hillary Clinton in 2016

Politico names Hillary the 2016 Democratic Party nominee for President Concluding a luncheon discussion on Tuesday of this week at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics (“IOP ”, headed by former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod) at Ida Noyes on 59th Street in Hyde Park, Roger Simon, Chief political columnist at and currently... Read more »

Better than Carol Marin w/ Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: Berkowitz w/National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru on Obamacare- Web and Cable

Tonight’s Rockford, IL edition of Public Affairs features Ramesh Ponnuru discussing the likely winner of the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary, Obamacare and Republican alternatives to Obamacare.  Ponnuru is a top conservative opinion maker who is a long time senior editor for the National Review and was a Fellow in the last academic quarter at David... Read more »

Watch RCP’s Bevan explain on Cable/Web how Daniels, Christie or Bush may become the next President

Tom Bevan, Co-founder and Executive Editor of, seemed to hit the nail on the head when he taped our show, Public Affairs, last Sunday.  He said that Mitt Romney has about a 65% chance of winning the Republican Party Presidential nomination, with former PA Senator Santorum and former House Speaker Gingrich at about 10%... Read more »